Tuesday, September 10, 2013

McCain Confronted by Tough Questions Only The Alternative Media Dares to...

Wanna see McCain get uncomfortable?

When he is asked basic questions the banker media won't like:

"Should we attack Syria when China has a warship off the coast and said they will retaliate?"

McCain then guarantees they won't (I wonder how he is so sure?).

"Why should we support Al Qaeda when we fought against them in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

McCain says this is false eventhough Hillary Clinton warned us that the short term gains we made fighting a proxy war with Russia could cause our government to fall just like Russia's did because the cure is worse than the disease.

I, Chad Warren, want to ask YOU a question...

Who do you think will win today and forever?

Those who believe that money and violence will triumph or those who show that truth and morals are unbeatable?

I'll take the truth and morals crowd because there are only a very few people with the state monopoly on guns and money used aggressively.

I'll stand with infants and old people all day long on the battlefield of hearts and minds where the infowar is fought because there is NO WAY they can kill us all or stop us. That's the most logical foundation for a successful outcome I can imagine.

If McCain felt the need to go to a town hall meeting don't you think he feels the same way that what we think is what he needs to control for victory?

If 91% of North Americans say they don't want a war in Syria according to a Pew Poll then obviously we DO NOT HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT through this governemnt ran by the debt pirates do we? Nor do we need to if one guy with a video camera can destabilize a guy that was in a Vietnam POW camp. Is this my opinion or is this a fact anyone can observe?

Here's another BONUS for watching this video - you get to hear about a guy that told McCain to his face he should be tried for treason for war crimes.


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