Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jerry Lewis - Another Truther Hero thrown under the bus. You can help fix that.

It irks me how people are unfair.

Why is it that when someone like Jerry Lewis who is an ICON of the ESTABLISHMENT disappears with controversy all of a sudden no one cares or is suspicious?

The same reason why people don't care if Hillary Clinton herself mentions that the U.S. paid and funded all these radical Muslim terrorists we're fighting now.

The same people that trust a central banker, industrial strength social engineering hate for humanity rag like TIME magazine.

Just look at NWO program after the next parading on the covers of their own magazine.  Let that speak what it is.  Corporate government subjugation of the masses through fear of war and a police state.

Check out this anti- Illuminati remix of Jay Z and Rhianna by Chris Geo and Sheree.

Sounds kinda 1984 to me what these celebrities and politicians promote.,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg
Because they are weak, willfully ignorant liars.

Most people that identify as Americans or Christians OR ANY GROUP - scientists, health care professionals, police, etc. don't live up to the honor these titles demand.

The degree to which we tolerate being surrounded by this corruption is the degree to which we live in hell on earth.

Sorry to be short about it but its really that simple isn't it?  Its on us all to act right.  We're going to pay the price in this life and after so we may as well fess up hadn't we?

A good place to start is to look into Dr. Wallach's claim that Jerry was FIRED - he did not resign.

Oh, and he also tells you why we don't need vaccines too.

He was fired, he claims, because Jerry was given information by Dr. Wallach that there is a nutritional cure for MD and that he delivered this to the medical department of the MDA and that was that for Jerry and for truth winning.

So, don't tell me about pink ribbon this, bring the troops home put a dollar in the kitty because we are living in a world of lies and corruption.
Everyone wants to act like its all Happy Days but this childish behavior is going to kill us and destroy the future of humanity.

If Dr. Wallach were lying he could be sued.

After you're done with this research, look into how Dr. Wallach has beaten the FDA in court and is who is responsible for the whole nutrition revolution and its protection under the law.

These same government agencies who are regulating organic food are also creating a have and have not class and are giving the majority of people toxic food.

The same corporate government that stamps out smoking and supposedly fights for blacks and women is sending them to prison and destroying their health.

That two - faced behavior and the tolerance of it is the fundamental adversary of humanity.

We try to have it both ways and be a fence sitter - and all the evil in the universe flows from this issue.

Be skeptical.  Don't trust me or anyone unless you see I've done my homework.

What proof is there that proper nutrition helps MD or MS or cancer?

If I show my homework and explain why I say what I say then support me and I will support you in your good fight.

Mine is saving us from lies and getting healthy and happy.

If you care about truth above all then network with me.

Doesn't have to be with Youngevity though I recommend it.

Both the product and the opportunity which is optional.  You can start for as little as $10 to get a website like the one below and make money anytime anyone else decides they want to improve their health and happiness with a purchase.

Or maybe the person influenced by television knows better than me and you should buy a powerball ticket?

But I do demand that you tell me what is important to you and deserves attention like this story about Jerry.

Thanks for your consideration and friendship.

Look, rednecks and Indians figured each other art and a folk art tradition was born.

and for a laugh, here's Jerry as the Nutty Professor going to the gym.

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