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"Why E.A. Koetting is not a living God." The Illuminator YouTube Channel video feedback

What are we talking about here?

How to be the best we can be.

How is that?

We recognize that something we typically look at as worthless like dirt is just as important as the total of all that is.

On the one hand we have a point of view that only values material things. This is the view of the philospher Decartes that the universe can be understood by breaking everything down into pieces and reverse engineering how it works and becoming the master of the universal physical machine instead of just a cog in the system.

The good side of this is that we are able to use our analytical imagination to get outside and see the big picture and develop our authority to command ourselves and move objects in the world around us to our will which is the responsibility of consciousness we are given to figure out what is going on and participate in this great work of life.

The bad side is that this causes 1% of the world to have more willpower than 99% of the world because the natural differences in ability cause a dangerous power differential when people think its a good idea to participate in external authority systems of corporate government and ignore the fact that nature already has a system to harmonize with that is as valuable as any thought, feeling or expression we may come up with.

 This is why we have a master/slave dynamic where the many aren't responsible for governing their selves only and the few try to force people into compliance with their will without respecting the value they have without using force.  Its an addiction system of finite resources while paradise is right under our noses if we'd just co-operate instead of continue with this collectivist/fascist game playing that serves neither the rich or poor.


Who is E.A. Koetting and why should I give a flip?

Basically, he appears to be a goth weirdo who has hit the big time in terms of money and influence over the growing audience of gothic weirdos.

(1 of an infinite number of identities I wear like the rest of us)

  I'm a proud goofball weirdo in contrast that is fairly unaffiliated so I'm not talking disrespectful of anything let alone the 80's band, The Cure or weirdos.  I like Gonzo, don't you?  You don't?  What are some kind of weirdo?

I use that language to poke fun at how seriously we take either ourselves or this bogus human society led around by the tv/internet.  I'd rather be a weirdo than a robot zombie which is how I perceive most people to behave like.

E.A. writes books and makes instructional videos about ritual black magic or invoking angels to gain power.  My point in discussing weird stuff is to show that all of this is actually stuff we're familiar with just with different language.

All this is discussed within the framework of pschology as well in the different aspects we integrate consicously and sub-consciously into our notion of self.

Do you value setting goals, writing them down, using your emotions to motivate you or others to achieve goals?  You must be some kind of evil Satanist.  I'm calling the Inquisition to kill you just for thinking such evil thoughts.  That's how silly it is to have fears over such notions.

I like the E.A. is real upfront.  He basically says he was tired of being an uberloser which is basically the same story as the Atlas guy in the 50's comic books that got tired of getting sand kicked in his face at the beach so he started weightlifting except he got into ritual magick.

At least these people do something about their situation other than bitch and moan.  Two things come out of this - money and fame and haters who have their own industry just in attracting other people to hate successful people.

People that are leaders can only get there by following the rules of the universe.  Even if we are talking about central banking leaders like the Rothschilds who just seek to control all life they know better than most how the world actually operates even if they have no respect for life or themselves which is why they lust after power because its they only way they can be aware of their self in a way they can appreciate when they see how it crushes the will of others; so, you see how they know alot more about what their purpose is in life than most of us?  Respect.


I don't know this nice sounding woman who calls goes by "The Illuminator" on YouTube but I appreciate her attempt to show respect to E.A. and the concept of the ego.

Here's the video that "The Illuminator" made.  It comes up as the second video in the search of YouTube if one types "E.A. Koetting".


***Marketing Lesson***
This is a good way to get recognition off the popularity of others.  You just want to make sure you have something of value to offer this audience that will find you or you will be drawing attention to your lack of value instead.

***Key Life Concept***
We're all desperate in a way.  The fact that we work our whole lives and barely have a roof over our head is an indicator of how stupid living in cities and being dependent on the system that is crammed into our hearts and minds with every advertisement or mis-education opportunity.  We have all this intelligence and potential because we've got ourselves to get away from the simple tribal life of our ancestors but its so damaging to ourselves and the earth; so, let's just accept this is the lay of the land and accept each other in our shortcomings what do you say?  We're all scared to death, especially the over-achievers because they feel they must always being doing just to survive.  Stresses me out just considering it.

Here's my response to her video which is meant to add to her valuable response.  Her video is about how he is not a living God.

"Thanks for your contribution, The Illuminator.  The basic message I received from what you said is that we should seek balance and one can't be a living God at all because we can't be the total of existence since we are in finite physical bodies separated from oneness.  Also, how can one use their full power if they only use one half of their self - the will?  Those appear to be self-evident facts in the meaning of the words so I agree.

Also, I appreciate you speaking to those of us who are too focused on oneness and think the ego and our physical self is something to avoid.

I find this funny because it is a way that new agers and typical Christians behave the same way - they give it up to God, so to speak, because they damn sure don't want to take responsibility for their lives which is understandable because one can feel so pushed around by making decisions when there is so much to consider and so much at stake.

The one thing I wanted to add is that this is how its supposed to work from my understanding.  This being that we act as mirrors to one another because we can see others better than they can see themselves and vice versa; so, while it is important to offer constructive criticism to someone like E.A. Koetting or any of us I feel we must accept and give thanks for the imperfections of others and ourselves because perfection cannot exist in the physical world though we can access it like a blueprint for a building is a perfect concept only in an artificial realm that cannot take all into account - only God or the total could and from what I understand that wasn't enough for God so not God was created which is the whole purpose of people to help God somehow grow past perfection which I suppose is no different than sexual reproduction being both a spiritual and physical evolution because change is the counterpoint to still perfection.

Basically, we could also say that E.A. and the rest of us and dirt and whatever is a living God because the creative force set all this in motion and Mother Earth or the physical nothingness is where God birthed his child in - God 2.0 or us.  We're no more important than dirt but we are to speak for dirt in a universal government just as mushrooms speak for the forests they rule over.

I think there is just an understandable mighty bias.  Dirt and God are equal, for example.

I appreciate the way you clarified the purpose of your comment before you spoke under the heading of "demonstration" rather than "player hating".

You Tube is certainly ego central.  As y'all know if we are focused on information and are reacting to it then this just attracts people to us because we are a conduit for gnosis by directing our attention to source and as long as we remind people we're just publishers and not source in total we are performing our main function which is duplicating the how to be God formula which is probably to help God not be alone because what's the point of living in paradise if you don't have someone to spend it with that you appreciate?  This person we would appreciate would be the part of us that we have not discovered.

I will post this video and my comment at my blog and will look for your blog to share with my peeps.  Thanks again for the inspirational commentary."


My point is that another way to look at this topic is that we are all living gods.  Whether you are talking about the big bang or gnosis or whatever the idea is that there was all of everything and it blew up into this universe and others.  Why?  Is the question.

I think the answer is no different than why sex occurs which is to produce offspring.  The only purpose for that I can see is to evolve.  Evolution becomes valid for me when its physical aspect is connected with how we are spiritually evolving.

When I scan over in my mind the story of humanity in its broadest sense that I am familiar with I see that actually there were far more advanced civilizations in the past.  Take Egypt.  No engineer today can move the stones and build a pyramid like they did.  Also, archaelogy and anthropology show us that their culture was the most advanced from the earliest traces of it and not as it went along.

So, this can be a bummer when we consider that linear progress is hard to see beyond the tv cultures selling us on some product of science like genetically modified organisms being an answer to a supposed food crisis.  We're running out of food according to this view and the solution is to mess with the dna of food which is shown to causes cancer in rats and people?  So if you're sane these materialist only scientists are just as crazy as the church authorities of the witch hunt past.

These people have invented better ways to kill people in their attempt to fix the perceived problems of humanity - what arrogance!  They break all their own rules about being rational and considering data they don't like.

But I think we are progressing because we don't need this high priest system of Pharaohs to tell us what to do because we have the internet and can see that no one is more qualified than us to direct our own lives and stop directing other people's lives through force.

I salute the people who see the value in daring to put our limited understanding of what in the world is going on and attempt to connect with others via the internet to be more authentic and in charge of our lives.

I know you, my audience, can see the value that our attention has on changing ourselves and thus the external world though conscious co-creation.  Thank You.

Here's a video of E.A. Koetting as an example of his work.  The basic thing I notice is that if someone feels like nothing they can be inspired by gods and magick because it has the power they feel they lack so in turn when they share their respect for these authorities it empowers them as perceived experts by others who feel a lack of security and want to know and do more and want help with that.

So, I hope you can see that Christians act the same way in that they talk up God quite a bit while at the same time they feel so guilty about themselves or unaware of so much because they become afraid that if they think for themselves its blasphemy to God.

People that pay respect to science do the same thing.  They have a prejudiced view and won't consider the information that 10,000 architects and engineers have submitted to show how the twin towers could not have fallen at freefall speed simply from two airplanes hitting them on 9/11.

These people that pretend to be Christians or rational scientists or new agers do all they can to spit on their own ability and neccessity to pay respect to whatever is presented to them to consider and deal with.  These are just different ways to avoid what we don't like.  This is what we are trying to grow out of - this childish behavior that is the bedrock of human society worldwide despite our hard work and intellect and loving intent.

So, watch this video of E.A. and please do laugh at the sillyness of him selling us on godlike power like one would sell those "as seen on tv" products.

I love "as seen on tv" products and I hope to meet Ron Popeil before he passes who made the Mr. Microphone and so much more.

I think the truth is that we have all this godlike power right now but we're stuck in this slave football mindset so we have to look stupid in public and be ridiculed as a price to pay because people hate it when you become successful like the little satanic minions they unknowingly are.  That's how you know you're on the right track when people hate you.

How dare you try to climb out of the hell pit of self hate they are unknowingly exclaiming.

If you're a Christian that lets the pastor run your relationship with Christ or let's Monsanto who made agent orange make your food then you are the crazy idiot more so then those who dare to rise above the madness that is typical.

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