Monday, August 24, 2015

Stocks plunge as China's weakness is revealed. What is your reaction and solution?

How should we react to the stock market plunge related to China devaluing its currency and its problems with its bubble economy are revealed along with the rest of the world?

Its a positive exciting thing to me because I see a carrot and stick approach to solutions for us all.

We need stronger and stronger forces to make us change behavior because we are mor and more sedated by drugs and mind control in media which lead to public policy that represents and serves we the people of the world less and less.

On the other hand, we are seeing agreement at the fringe of society between conservative and liberal views.

Money as we have it does not reflect physical nature in terms of work or gold or even agreements because its based on debt and no amount of playing along with this lie is sustainable.

You will see the news press more and more for world war 3 as the only way the U.S. can continue its madness - the rest of the nations are wrapped up in this insane behavior by our out of control corporate governments.

So, value your passions knowing that we have the internet and the perception of a system crash so when you reach out to help you will find people more willing to collaborate than ever.

Are you using solar power?

Investing in local food?

Developing an activist network?

Using your church to address increasing disorder?

I am figuring out how to bring seedlings of organic herbs, flowers and food plants to my neighbors as part of my yard care business - food is worth more than gold and your friend network is more valuable than money because money can only buy work.

I am looking at putting some savings into 1 Oz. gold bar cards that are only around $47 right now.

I just want people to see that its more clear than ever - pick your side.  Your choice is to stand with nature and your community including friends, family and strangers or you can follow the media lies pied piper straight to hell on earth.

No, we can't get any help from the presidential election - we have to grow up and do this from a grassroots level and we stand to turn this destruction into the biggest economic growth and nature stewardship drive ever known to man.

Don't miss out.

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