Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guns don't cause insanity that leads to murder but some legal drugs are shown to increase that risk. Why not target them instead of control guns?

"We have to look into what is being prescribed and what is in these meds just like clinical studies," the Republican Assemblywoman said. "Why don't we do studies on the medication all of these shooters were taking and take that medication off the market? Obviously, medications can alter your mind just as alcohol can alter the mind."
- Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore

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(Taken from the above YouTube video's description)

Since the advent of SSRI anti-depressant drugs there has been an explosion of violent behavior among young people taking the medications. 
"The kind of energy, rage and insanity seen in a lot of crimes today was not seen before SSRIs appeared," said Rosie Meysenburg, who co-founded SSRI Stories, in an interview shortly before her death this year." []

This video combines several segments suggesting that SSRI anti-depressant drugs contribute to, or even cause, violent behavior, especially in young people. Especially troubling is the list of school shooters who were on these drugs during their violent outbursts.

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