Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ferguson should be where white Patriots assist the black community in showing UNITY in LIBERTY.

Y'all this Ferguson deal isn't going away like it should have by now from my view compared to Seattle's WTO riot I saw in '99.
We should really be surprised and thankful that cops and rioters have not fought more than they have.
The problem I see is that because of the internet and the way events have developed over decades that we are all being pushed into the next round where solutions must be presented or we're just waiting for zombie town first person shooter video game world to appear... only it won't just be on tv, it will be a knock at the door, or electricity going 
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100 million people are dependent on government assistance. What if the checks stopped? That's what caused the Egyptian fake revolution - an IMF food program stopped because of price manipulation from someone like George Soros.
Why are people dumping ice on their head when Patriots should prove that we have black folks back and we should invest money in helping the businesses that have had to close to open somewhere.
Can you imagine if you had police barracades in your neighborhood? Checkpoints where you have to show I.D.? No idea when this will end? You would have to go home with a curfew like a child. Your children would have to see armored personel vehicles driving around and they would think its the army but its the police and there are national guards and private mercenaries there with snipers aimed at people.
If we don't create a positive UNITY out of this it will tear us apart in a race war, plus whites and blacks being called terrorists. Mexicans hunted down. Cops and innocents killed.f
If we want peace, we'll have to earn it because anyone who is a follower or doesn't want to rock the boat won't help.
Love y'all.

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