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September 1st, 2014 - Daily Marketing Actions - Start a Mastermind Group

The purpose of this post is to show that anyone can learn to market effectively.


We don't have to be afraid to share that we don't know what to do or to share the truth of what we are doing.

From the slick websites to the fake conversations with supposed leaders there is a number one problem in the world and that is pretending to do something and people falling for this ruse.

If more newbies spoke up and said, (I did what you said to do to be successful but I don't see the outcome) then we'd all be better off.

The problem lies with students/followers.  They may not have confidence enough to be honest or ask questions but this is the only way to test if someone acting as a leader has a right to.

I'm so tired of people not admitting that these network marketing offers all do the same thing.  They tell you anyone can be successful then they hand you the same generic lead capture and sales pages and people are left to wonder what to do with them.  Do you share them in social network marketing groups and hope someone clicks one before you are flagged unfairly for spamming the same offer?

Do you do the same at Craigslist or do you pay for leads and to advertise?

Unless you can duplicate the whole company and its expensive marketing system then how are you going to duplicate their success for free?

I'm not sure why these companies do this or why they are full of people who brag on groups about their sign ups yet when you ask what they did to get them, all you get are BS answers that you can't use.

So, I'm going to be writing daily blogposts so I can track what in the hell am I actually doing in a day of marketing and what are the results.

My first post is about starting a Mastermind Group.  I think its simple enough.  You've got people that know successful marketing methods (or could be any other info topic) and those who want to learn them.

Why would people that know effective skill sets share them with their competition?

Because, we all know that we've tried and failed and that is because we bought something before we tested it to work.  This gives a chance for leaders to prove themselves by sharing info and for students to prove themselves by applying it as instructed, tracking and sharing successful results or figuring out what went wrong.

Collaboration is the new competition.  We're all competing for dwindling resources so the only way to advance in this environment is to improve our ability to voluntarily co-operate to extend our influence and support group.

So, its 1:23 PM CDT.  I got on the computer at 10:43AM  What have I done?

I started this Community on Google+  "How to find people who want what you have to offer
Online marketing 101"

What is its point?  To find the people that believe as I do that we need to meet with other real people beyond any dogma found in a marketing opportunity we're connected to in order to share what we are doing and what the results are.  We need to interact with others to sort out who knows how to communicate and co-operate to create win-win situations and who the predators and victims are by their behavior to learn not what to do.

We create success by how we act and interact - we determine if network marketing can deliver on its promise to turn entry level marketers into people that know how to deliver on their promises to themselves and others or if they are just spreading lies and money losing behavior.

Here's a Pintrest link that links to a quality example of how to build a mastermind group and why its worth your while.

So, what does my opportunity say I'm supposed to be doing to be successful?

It says: 1. earn versapoints.  I'm using SFI (Strong Future International) to have a free system for anyone to use to learn how to market effectively.  They have what looks like to me to be a strong program because its free to join and the training is very extensive.  It also has clear step by step instructions that give you points for completing actions - these points not only promote learning and applying info but they can be used to buy goods and services.

2. I'm supposed to create sales at which is an e-commerce site offering products and a place to sell products that can be used by fellow marketers and for people that buy and sell items at a place like ebay.  Many free methods are listed to market this site and I picked one of the many suggestions - to use social networks as a place to find your target market.  It could be network marketers or those interested in online auctions or the specific item that has recently been won for pennies on the dollar.

Have I used TripleClicks?  Yes, I recently bought my first TCredits which are used to bid on auctions, buy goods and services, play games and win TCredits and prizes.  You can even receive free credits so its amazing how this is a great place for new marketers to have fun learning marketing without having to spend a dime but also having inexpensive ways to market and grow your downline.  This SFI/Tripleclicks combo has one of the best free training to active consuming and duplicating downline behavior modification outcomes I've seen to date.

I may not have had much success beyond a few payments for sales made through an Empower Network blog and a few hundred dollars made in product sales and I've built a team of 6 active associates in an offline program but I know enough to be able to appreciate truth and quality in a marketing system beyond the majority of bad advice handed out that stinks up the internet and hearts and minds of people blaming us in network marketing as being the source of scams when going along with consensus reality and what the tv offers is a clear road to ruin we should be finding friends to help each other find a way out of the madness of modern life.

So, I'm sharing links to products for auction at crazy low prices - people daily win items like a brand new Apple iPad for $40.  You can earn TCredits, Ninja Blenders and Gold coins for just a few bucks.  You can look and see the history of winners as well as who is placing bids.

This page:  will show you recent Pricebenders Auction winners.  Stefan A won an Apple iPad mini for just 58 cents!  Wow, that's 99% off the retail price of $329.

Where am I sharing links?

Facebook ( - my profile, - Making Money Online)- well now I was blocked from sharing the above link and copy at my own profile on facebook.  I removed the picture that came up from the link and it worked.  Go figure.  Facebook has often restricted my share options for sharing links like this in network marketing groups that promote such link sharing so that is annoying.  Just like its annoying that big companies recommend this and they know the sites will recognize affiliate links as spam and coming from robots.

Google+ ( - a Network Marketing group, - my profile, - Online Money Making)

Thanks for reading. Please comment, share and refer us to a website you find value in that matches the spirit of this post and site.

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