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The Earth is Flat?! No way... Yes way? OMG WTF?!

The intro says to watch this video first -

ou can play the rest on autoplay.

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 1 - Empty Theatre (subtitles available)

It says to examine the scam of NASA first.
We are suggested to examine all the films about space we have seen.

Excluding the fantasy films are films like 2001, Mission to Mars.

These reinforce the globe view.  When we see films we suspend our disbelief.

If we suspend our critical thinking when we are exposed to space films then we accept the whole manufactured reality the system prevents because the viewpoint is of the earth from outside itself.

There are 3 groups of space films - 1: near future like 2001 2: fantasy 3:  the actual space program.

The Right Stuff examined this in a 3 hour film but it only got to the low earth orbit part of that storyline.

The Apollo missions were never touched.

The only other movie that did was Apollo 13 12 years later and it didn't address the earlier missions or any of the actual moon mission on the surface.


Hollywood exploits any topic for a buck but not the most important topic in the world - the moon landing?

If Hollywood makes a movie about the moon landing that appears as real as the nasa photos then how do we know which is real?

Capricorn One is an exception because it questions the faking of a mars landing.

The external authorities like the U.N. promote space movies.

Richard Byrd - explorer of the north pole.

He explored Antarctica in 1928.  The expedition lasted 2 years and when he was 48 he was promoted to Admiral.

His work there helped nations in addition to the U.S. including France, the U.K., Germany and more.

His 4th trip to Antarctica was in a Navy military operation High Jump commanding an entire aircraft carrier group that including 14 support ships and included 4,800 men.

Some say he was sent there to hunt for the last NAZI's, that they had a base there.

During this trip Byrd told a paper this, "The most important results of his observations and discoveries was the potential effect they had on the security of the United States.  The fantastic speed in which the world is shrinking is one of the most important lessons learned during his recent Antarctic exploration.  I have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our own isolation and rely on the certainty of the distances of the oceans and poles as a guarantee of our safety.

The Longines Chroniscope was a show that Byrd went on later to say that the government would continue to send ships there (Antarctica) and it was the most important thing because of the riches of natural resources there.

Instead, when Byrd went home from a mission the whole topic was removed from the media and a treaty was signed that forbid anyone to engage in any business in the antierior of the Antarctic till the year 2041.

The reason why that is offered is that the edge of the earth exists past this restricted zone and that not even money from the riches there is enough to let that secret out of the bag to reveal how much we've been lied to by the external mis-leaders.

part 3 map makers

The USGS is described as the map makers of the world.

They have 9,000 employees and a budget of 1 billion dollars a year.

"Science for a changing world" is their motto and we are to be shown how true that is.

The Gulls Peters is what is currently being attempted to be inserted in school curriculum.

The Azimuffle Equidistant is the only map online that shows the north pole in the center of an ice sheet.

It is also used as the logo of the U.N.

One the flat earth wiki page you sill see it has an identical map.

This map was first proposed 1,000 years ago by Al-Biruni who was considered one of the greatest scholars of his era.

NASA named a moon crater after this Persian scientist.

So it is proposed this map is used because its correct.

Why is the flat earth model ridiculed when it is the official logo as the U.N.

The state is caught in between saying the flat earth is real by the use of the map while saying that the earth is flat is crazy.

Why isn't Antarctica represented on the U.N. flag map?

There are holes in the official narrative like this and are unknown to most people.

part 4 Shell Beach

Take a mouse and put it in a glass cage for this imagination exercise.  Or it could be ants or whatever.

This perfect test subject goes into the box for the first time.  It explores its surroundings looking for exits.

It eventually accepts its new boundaries.

Every once in a while it checks for changes but they stop acting like they did in the wild knowing its trapped in a non native lifestyle.

Put the same animal in a large wildlife preserve but with a giant glass bubble at the perimiter like a biosphere.

The animal will act like it does in the wild.  If it does meet the wall it will just turn around into the world it is familiar with.

If you put a human in the same setup it would act differently regarless of who they are.

When they see the fence they ask all sorts of questions.

Who built the fence they eventually ask.

This is the different way humans look at the world.

We then feel imprisoned after learning to ask this question.

Fear and endless speculation happens in this human.

A group hysteria would develop in people if enough of us learn about it.

This would be like meeting God.

If you add humans to your biosphere you have to make changes for them to accept it.

The movie Dark City shows an advanced race who creates a flat earth with a dome that was flawed because they built the city to the edge.  To fix this they erased the memories of the people to prevent this viral info catching on.

The guy is looking for this resort called Shell Beach that is on a postcard but he can't find it because it doesn't exist.  There is no exit to the city to get away too.

In the end, the hero makes it to the edge and steals the advance race's power and creates an ocean.

Only 4 months later the Truman Show comes out at the movies.  Its just like Dark City but more believable set at a television stage where a person lives their life unknowingly.

At one end of town is a lagoon and the other end was a seemingly never ending ocean.

He lived for 30 years without doubting the world he lived in.

Without the show invading he would never come to doubt the lie.

So this raises the question if this could happen for real.

In The Village this happens again to show how children could be raised in a manufactured reality based on the 1800's.

Hardly any change to the land was done to pull off this illusion.  

In a few generations you can leave people to become totally fooled and you don't have to control them.  They do it themselves.

If you make the dome big enough then the character in The Truman Show wouldn't have to travel far in a ship before it was too tough to travel further.

Its hard to make it to Antarctica.

Copernicus introduced the heliocentric globe modeled view of the world.

It is proposed that the religion adopted the globe view to gain followers and so they put their flat earth model in the closet.

100's of years went by with pro globe love.

In the early 1900's, Richard Byrd gets the full go ahead to check out the world and he pulls a Truman and gets lucky to even get there.

Imagine he finds this giant ice wall barrier.

You would have to circle the entire wall which could take months or years but refueling stations would have to be built.

He died in '57.

A year later the U.S. and U.S.S.R. found the edge.

They decided to hide this fact and create a space program to reinforce the globe model.

Rule people's worldview and your rule them.

Part 5 - Status Quo

The good news is that a buzz in the people via the internet and media would ensue if this legitimate question were to grow in the population.

The bad news is that NASA and all of the space engineering and university astro-science would have to end because they are obviously unable to tell they were being lied to.

This would put pressure on the government to explain this fraud.

This would then cause topic about religious relics like the ark of the covenant and the holy grail and the ring of power to be discussed.

That its like in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the truth was hidden in a warehouse.

In all the time of religions no true holy objects have been found to back up the stories.

So the religions want their relics and the Freemasons want the ring of power.

In the church vs. state battle the church wins.

The big five religions are merging into universalism.

They then pull out this flat earth model and say they knew it all along and science lied to us.

Temporarily all religions would unite against science who has lied to us.

In times of stress people will want words and while religion is full of them science cannot take a leap of faith.

For every one person who can get this there are 1,000's who will instead follow their religion instead of state - this is what gives state pause.

Will religion take the high road and work with what is left of science to find the truth?

Or will daily life fall into some 1984 fascist totalitarian nightmare of re-education?

Part 6 - Depth Perception

Who has designed the flat earth system and who has kept it from us?

How thick would it have to be?

A basic dome of high density material 1,000's of miles wide and hundreds of miles in height using super l.e.d. 2 and 3d imagine to simulate heavenly bodies protected by scaling of temperature and oxygen to restrict access at the edges along with 100's of miles of saltwater that freezes.

This kills food to live there and eat.

How deep would it have to be to keep people from digging through it?

A scaling increase in temperature prevents underground exploration.

People would say it is because of volcanic activity.

Info about the interior comes to science indirectly like from rocks that are at the surface or copying the pressure.

No one has gone below 8 miles anywhere.

Drill bits stop working due to heat.

Yes volcanoes exist.  We can melt rock at a smelter plant right now like what makes steel.

Create a large set of furnaces at 50 miles below the surface that can melt and pump molten rock made of the same dome material that can resist nuclear weapons.

How can scientists say they know the core from only going 8 miles down?

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