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I am the Walrus is the love song of a predator sung to its prey.

These are my notes and transcription of the following podcast.

Jan asks Joe if we have evidence that John Lennon and the Beatles knew they were involved in  Freemasonic genocidal hidden messaging.  They agree they only have the interpretation of the lyrics.

Joe reminds us that a distinct dissent into immorality was promoted by the Beatles when their hair grew long and did marijuana and lsd.  The culture followed this pied piper just like they follow 9/11 or the gay rights movement.

Families are destroyed because of sex, drugs and rock n roll thanks to the influence of Aleister Crowley whom rock bands openly declare is their inspiration for their music which is designed to have control over people in order to be part of a secret elite.

Joe sees Christianity as a way for the oligarch to control the slave class.

The cover of Sgt. Pepper's Heart's Club band is the popular culture of the 60's; but, the Bible was the pop culture of its time - always society is engineered by Freemasons who are heavily referenced by the secret messages in The Beatles music.

Neo-Fuedalism is doing the same thing today but using the Satanic polarity as the draw through liberalism and conservatism in drugs and war.

These mis-leaders put their hands up for secret oaths to secret societies.

J.F.K. correctly identified this corruption to be unacceptable in a free society yet people continue to support the system above any sane recognition of its negative effect on humans and the earth.

You can't know the true heart of one who will not reveal their secret oaths.

"The ultimate goal of the powers-that-be in terms of psychedelic research may be to create a type of "spirituality" where even mystical experiences that are valid on a certain level will serve to establish their control. They want to own everything--even mysticism, even spiritual aspiration, even God."  Charles Upton

"In view of the fact that many traditional Catholics see the Second Vatican Council as a kind of Masonic coup within the Catholic Church, the apparent "coincidence" that psychedelic drugs became available to the masses at exactly the same time that traditional Roman Catholicism was being destroyed may in fact be much more than that."

"MKULTRA doctor Robert Hanna Felix [1904-1990] was director of psychiatric research for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Felix was the immediate senior of Dr. Harris Isbell, already noted in relation to MKULTRA.

 Another prominent Freemason involved in MK-ULTRA was Dr. Paul Hoch [1902-1964], financed by the Army Chemical Center." [Jim Keith, "The CIA and Control" in Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness (Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2003), p. 65]; See also H.P. Albarelli, Jr., "Notes" in A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIAs Secret Cold War Experiments (Walterville, OR: Trine Day, 2009), p. 792."
"The title of my upcoming book is Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Shape and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality. In it I hope to show, 1) that the globalist powers-that-be are attempting to deconstruct not only Christianity but all the traditional religions, and, 2) that there is a true, orthodox esoterism or esoteric spirituality which, when it becomes perverted and goes over to the "dark side", results in the greatest spiritual evil the human race is capable of, what French philosopher and meta-physician Rene Guenon called the "Counter-Initiation". 

Terrence McKenna - thought leader for a CIA conceived neo-fuedalism where an archaic revival is promoted to further destabilize the intelligent creators who would oppose genocide by suggesting they drop out.

*** My basic concept is that any idea can be used to take power away from the people; so, people are mislead by those who act as helpers because any dissent is seen as taking away from progress which people only see possible when a group achieves an objective which nullifies freedom and individual value - only the lie of the greater good remains.

The Sprig of Acacia: An Emblem of Our Faith in the Immortality of the Soul

"The sprig of acacia is an important symbol in Freemasonry. It is said allegorically that a sprig of acacia marked the head of the grave of our beloved Grand Master Hiram Abiff, leading those travel-weary Fellows of the Craft to discover the location where the three despicable ruffians had deposited his precious remains."

"The acacia flourishes in kaolenite-rich soils; that is to say, clay. In regions where the compound is employed or administered in the form of an insufflate, the snuff, known variously as yopoepena, orjurema, depending on the dialect, is prepared by combining the powdered inner bark of the acacia’s roots with the calcium carbonate-containing powder of ground bones and/or shells that have been ‘roasted’ over an extremely hot ceremonial fire, the same having been prepared solely for that purpose. This primitive yet complex process of chemical conversion – one which would have given even the most seasoned of Alchemists a run for his money – renders the inert plant material susceptible to absorption by the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity, effectively producing a markedly powerful DMT-richinsufflate. Conversely, in regions where the concocted or brewed form of the sacrament is preferred, it is prepared by combining it with another plant additive; one that is rich in Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (better known as MAOI), thereby enabling it to bypass the MAO in the digestive tract which otherwise would prevent it from reaching the bloodstream and thus the brain. When the substance is prepared in such a manner, it is called, again, depending on the dialect, ayahuasca or yagé. Today, DMT is more commonly either synthesized or extracted from organic sources and smoked in its purified, crystalline salt form."

"In an attempt to discover the source and function of endogenous DMT production within the human organism, Rick Strassman, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, became the first scientist to conduct governmentally sanctioned research on humans with a scheduled psychedelic since the 1970’s. And, with a generous grant from the Scottish Rite Foundation for Schizophrenia Research, Dr. Strassman and his team were able to get their modest research project up and running. What Dr. Strassman discovered was that source of endogenous DMT production within humans is most probably the pineal gland."

Dr. Rick Strassman

End result?

Broken families, drug abuse confusion, destruction of intellectual analysis and reason so that now people make a stink face if  they have to think for themselves instead of buy into what is presented as a means of their self identity through participation in social engineering schemes.

People are easier to control and ready for martial law since most people are government subsidized.  One geo-political shock and an end of democracy and embracing of world dictatorship with electronic surveillance and drugs to control behavior.

Jan reminds us that the purpose of a live music show is to get people into a hypnotic trance with drugs and music and then they will be taught to abandon tech and to drop out.

The purpose of the social movement is to create epsilons - people designed to be programmed to serve the higher classes.

So when did the Beatles become used for social engineering?  Were they lifetime actors?

The Beatles openly objected to Christianity just like Gordon Wasson and Aldus Huxley were suggesting a new world order while working together at the CIA's Century club.

Joe refers to a Time '57 article of Wasson as an example that everything he says about himself is a lie as proof he is a lifetime actor.

The cover shows him in the desert having fantastic visions with the words "teenage allowances" in the same font below it.

Since they were involved in MK Ultra which studied how the mind works he says this is a fingerprint of the work of the oligarchs in social engineering.

Time promoted sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Gregory Bateson friend of Jay Courtney Fikes and fooled him for years.

It is referenced that Jan smoked pot with Leary when he was around 22 at a marijuana legalization event.

The Beatles are compared to Miley Cyrus in how she turned into a darker version like how the Beatles ended up promoting acid.

We've been mindfucked for at least 100 years with Edward Bernays promoting a play called Damaged Goods.  It goes way back to the Dionysian mysteries and probably the dawn of time.

On one level these hidden messages make the elite feel like geniuses like how Dr. Evil cackles at his plans he reveals to his victims.

Lennon said he wrote I am the Walrus to throw people off of looking for hidden meanings in their songs.

The walrus according to Lennon is an homage to Lewis Carroll's The Craftsman and the Walrus.

If its gibberish why base it on a poem about an apocalypse?

No one had publically looked into the meaning of this original work by Carroll.

The carpenter in the poem is a euphemism for a freemason because its from Tekton which is Greek for mason and is the word for Freemason.

The voice of the poem doesn't like the sand.  The maids and their mops given 7 months to clean are asked if they could clean the place in the poem.

The sand on the seashore is like how the prophecy of Daniel talks about half a week it would take for the organization of an apocalypse.

In Genesis sand represents the multiplication of humanity.

Carroll uses the 7 maids like the 7 months of Daniel sweeping it away for half a year like Daniel says half a week.

A Lewis is a young man in Freemasonry who is admitted because the father is weak to assist him.

A lewis is a stone that supports stones about to collapse in architecture.

In the poem the walrus and the carpenter trick the oysters into following them and then they kill them all.

In the OED a lewis is also an iron device to lift heavy stone.  Also it is a kind of shears to crop woolen cloth.  Sheering the sheep we know as a metaphor.

Lewis ends up on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's.

Lennon sings, "I'm crying."  Why?  It doesn't make sense in the context of the song.

The walrus and the carpenter were crying because there were no more oysters to kill.

Yikes - straight up genocide.

"I am he you are he as you are me and we are all together."

This is a paraphrase of a song from the Boer war where most of them were captured and taken to Camp Irene which is the first time women and children are killed to kill an entire generation of people.

"See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly."

In Carroll's poem it says the time has come to talk about many things and the apocalypse of the Bible is brought up about the seas rising and seals being broken.

So, it really  means see how they run like (Boers) from a gun, see how they fly.

The Boers ran from the British in the poem.

"Stupid bloody Tuesday" refers to the Boers fighting back against the British Lennon calls stupid.

"Man you've been a naughty boy you let your face grows long."

Om Paul whose face is still on the


 who has a long face and beard.

The "Eggman" is a reference to Humpty Dumpty and Lewis Carroll.

"Goo goo ga jew" comes from James Joyce whom Lennon claimed he adored.

In Finnegan's Wake this phrase is about the apocalypse of Revelations.

Its apparent gibberish, "them four horsemen on their apocalopse".

"Can ganger ol tool" is a king who doesn't die.  He says "goo goo ga jush"

Its an Irish story.  This is the Christ at the end of Revelations.

Its an apocalypse again with the 4 horseman.

This seeming gibberish can be determined to be talking about the apocalypse.

"Crabba locker fish wife pornographic priestess boy you've been a naughty girl you let your knickers down."

In Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood...

This is probably Diana Dors (pornographic priestes) who is the daughter of the Grand Master of the White Horse Lodge who was a cultural abomination involved in politician sex scandals.

A priestess representing porno as religion is part of our apocalypse.

"Boy you've been a naughty girl you've let your knickers down."

This is gender bending.

They've got these concepts rhyming into their head as they take lsd when they're young and forming their sexual identity.


Its a "teenage allowance" to bring this about.

"Expert Texpert like MK Ultra "choking smokers".

"Don't you think the joker laughs at you?"

Like how a bully would laugh at a kid who can't get up.

"See how they smile like pigs in a sty."  He says is like Woodstock.

The guys who took care of the people having bad trips were called hog farmers because they were writhing in the mud.

The Grateful Dead have their drummer Pigpen.

The same pattern like in Hamlet makes the down class like pigs.

Joe suggests that everyone at the Century Club and Bohemian Grove needs to be dna tested to find out who they are and their relations.

He says its not difficult to decode once you see they style like he had in deconstructing the dead head idea.

If you look at the walrus under McCartney and it has been turned into a carnivore with vicious teeth.

The Beatles were working with a large organization which is the Freemasons.

Lennon's death.  What brought it about?

"Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe.

Terry Southern wrote Dr. Strangelove where the elite live beyond their people who die in nuclear war.

The cowboy goes to his death enjoying it atop the bomb.

kicking Poe would be thinking about him.

He was a big Freemason.

He will expand on Poe on his website.

Poe is capitalized.  This refers to how in Dr. Strangelove "POE" was supposed to be the code to stop the nukes but didn't and caused the bomb to go off.

Peace On Earth will occur when only the essence of psychos exists they think.

Southern wasn't popular at the time he was put on the Beatles cover.  Another apocalypse reference.

Humpty Dumpty is a metaphor for Jesus who is created by the Flavians.

The end of Christianity is when the apocalypse will occur.

The walrus will remain who brought about the apocalypse is the vision of the song.

An embrace of genocide full of hope for the future.

Jan asks if Lennon wrote it himself?

Joe says he doubts it.

He doesn't think he would have known the Joyce and Carroll references.

"It should have been I am the architect." is what Lennon said but Joe figures this is his cover story.

The Playboy Interview is where Lennon says the government and CIA is responsible for lsd.  

He talks about craftsmen and craftsmenship later in the interview.

(1:10:02) I'm just going to listen without taking notes and will finish that later.

*** The following are notes from the talk linked below that were referenced ***

Here the original hippie elite praise returning to the land.

There is a discussion about a developing alternative underground that is attempting to not fall into the trap of being a boss leading others.

Alan Watts shows a Chinese view of the world of the human body having no boss but a relation between the parts.

Can a movement be organically designed?  Tribal models are suggested as a reference.

Timothy Leary is talking about the fundamental unit of humanity being a tribe.

He is challenged by another speaker who suggests he hasn't dropped out.  He has left western psychology and has dropped into leading the alternative movement via legal issues, community organizing, economic support of causes.

He is being criticized for being the cause for kids being homeless on Haight Ashbury.

Alan Watts asks Jerry (whomever) to describe how he has been successful at living without money.

He dropped out before it was cool so there was less of a support network.  He suggests not being fussy about what you do for a living.

He took what work was available and learned patience to get the money needed to achieve an objective like buying reduced price food and distribute it past your own need.

Leary says a city like San Francisco is a tribal incubator and the people need to leave when they learn sustainable drop out living.

The point that modern education teaches no basic life skills like farming, making love, cleaning, building, cooking is brought up.

Watts correctly mentions that people are trained to be human resources for companies to use.  People are not self directed.  They are directed to status within the machine.

A speaker sees the scientific system being caught within the Jehovah  Judeo-Christian male dominated paradigm of top down control.

Watts asks what to do about how people depend on industrial commerce for their daily actions.

Leary suggests about putting out this new tech in secret.  His suggestion is to chisel out a hole in the roads until a rose grows out of the road and the highway department will have to come out and patch it up and this causes a pr stunt headline that shows the system as afraid of nature beyond their control.

He imagines people working at Sears and then going to India for their drop out would be acceptable.

Watts suggests there were always an elite of dropouts that became monks and lived in the mountains.

How longshoreman black folk in San Fran were laid off because of automation and then they get boats to ride around in the bay then get tired of that and made sailboats so they adapted.

Hunters want to hunt, camp and fish and do and can live off the land.

A talk about a shift from being materially motivated to experience is occuring.

The cities will have the tech. 

You won't want access to the wilderness by the schmuckles in the city that can't hang.

Watts sees if tech could bring people all they need people will then set that aside to make arrowheads and raising great plants because its more fun than tech.  I don't see that.  I see a hard polarity into two cultures.  The Borg and the Free folk.

He goes on to wonder why people who have seen psychedelic visions can live messy lives after that of not caring.

The fact that turned on people are becoming colorful in their style instead of grungy looking like the earlier beatniks.

Leary gathers the idea that there has been a concerned expressed about what to do with the dropouts.

There will be wilderness, rural and open land people.  Bush, Farm and City people and Leary likes Beach people.
One guy says that evil increases with the rise of tech.  Another guy says there are good uses of tech.

Watts counters that the origin of the idea of good and evil from the Bible and talks of what you see in Taoism is that if you break down nature you lose contact with your original know how of instinct and you are in an artificial layer over experience.

This is what psychedelia promotes he is saying.

Through meditation, through psychedelics are suggesting a new course for civilization.

Specialization in labor and a class structure cannot exist if people feel individually connected to the source of the universe and the ability to discern truth through learning from experience.

Everyone used to be asked to go have a vision quest that they kept secret in isolation from community so they could see there is an existence beyond the social order.

An anecdote of Native Americans being highly self confident because they know themselves through such a life that they have and its ways.

Leary theorizes that the people that are more or less able to live as drop outs it could be from re-incarnation.  The one's that don't like it they feel lucky to be born again and lust after material.

Being an Outsider is only possible with Insider Squares.

The two need each other as much as see each other separate.

He asks Native youth if they want to stay or leave their land.

They say they want to stay and are encouraged to learn about their heritage and revive it.

Copy the Indians in your own area.

Liberated kids in coffee shops are mentioned needing help dropping out is suggested by Leary as others say its around already.  People meditate and leave the city.

San Fran kids are to be used as the models he suggests.

There are leaders to this movement it is argued which of course these guys are finding themselves uncomfortable yet excited to see themselves correctly as that.

Watts ask that we accept the Buddhist idea that we are all one - all equal reality.

He sees this as the manifestation of Christ consciousness that if we live as one all good will will be done.

People having ways to gain some money and they co-op to do a poetry show is the model.

Still today in tech time collaboration is the zeitgeist.

You bring your income home to a larger group clan is the suggestion.

Extended family leads to Matri-Urnal lineage and capitalism and economy is doomed as a competitor.

Watts says this is wise because the current family is agrarian based and this does not fit the times because its like living in a dormitory with a family that is kept there and he works the land or in an office that fuels their being kept like the animals.

They feel guilty for not bringing up their kids right so they devote themselves to their kids which is sad because if the parents did their deal the kids would follow.

The family has no reality anymore.  The babysitter takes that role.

The daycare.  So sad.

Group marriage was promoted and Leary says no.

He says no ant hill sex.

Leary says that if you haven't found Heaven in one woman that is your problem.

Another guy talks about how polyamory does exist in places.

He talks about how open marriage is allowed where people declare their multiple relationships.

He says people can combine as they wish.

Watts says the only way for man and woman to co exist is through letting each other be as they are.

Signing contracts wrecks the relationship which should instead be based on trust.

A guy argues that it is a public notification and not a contract as far as the couple desires.

America being ready versus Japan not is brought up.

Leary questions this.  He says France is just now getting mega drug stores like the U.S.

If its taken 15 years then why not 6 months to accept the hippie San Fran deal?

He mentions that Coke was weird at first but it made it.

This is the American strength is penetration of acceptance of the message.

People want to come to America to celebrate living lavishly.

He asks can't black folk be able to get past being like a rich white person and go beyond that straight away.

A large number of people go into New York everyday to buy stuff at department stores to give themselves purpose.

Let the state disintegrate is suggested.

D.I.Y. tech is something people should do at home with friends is prescribed.

Re-Production is the point Watts says of this time of consciousness.

He says we only appreciate echo.

The words of the Buddha came down from oral tradition for 200 years before it was written down.

But Krishnamurti would say remembering it was already a deception.

People come to the city looking for meaning and they don't know how to be either defiant or for.

People have to be held to a high status for what they are doing to keep the quality up.

They are part of an ancient group of holy leaders.

Watts questions the use of the word holy.

To say you should treat something one way different than another.

People have to be saints in a new sense because each person hurts and this is the measure of their holiness.

What about how Krishna was at that time promoted as the unifier of religions is asked.

Watts says the word God has been contaminated like in "get down on your knees and worship the lord" is abhorrent.

In America you can hear uplifting Christian music but in Japan the youth hate the religious music so they love to hear bible songs in comparison.

Everyone on their own discovers the primordial truth of gnosis of your experience of the eternal pattern.

Talk about Leary being arrested in Laredo and the many times he got arrested and that past the first 4 celebrations it wasn't successful as a pr move.

People wanted to see them continue as a nation wide tour where they charged admission and this was bad.

One asks if a communal celebration of psychedelics is possible.

San Fran is the high point Leary says.

Robert Oppenheimer was cited as recently at that time obviously the world is going to hell and the only way to stop it is to try and not prevent it.

Its saying that the only way to turn people around when they are too far gone in not dealing with reality is to lose interest and it attracts people to wonder what else is going on.

A suggestion to instead tell people what to expect of this better alternative community is heard.

Watts mentions that people can't be high all the time... that he appreciates the moment at the end of a trip where one realizes regular reality is also a high to experience from an outside in perspective.

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