Monday, March 2, 2015

Writing music was never so beautiful to look at.

My friend, Reed Means, owner of Palm Tree Shoe Productions​ 
asked me to work as the second unit documentary camerman for an experimental film entitled A Dream Retrieval Ritual​ 
which is the continuation of work by composer Ryan W. Gaston​ in co-operation with Adam LANSKY SOUND​ 
all of whom took a radical approach to re-setting what art is within the crosshairs of then, now and in the future ensuring the audience understands its as much apart of producing the outcome as the authors.

Here in the online social network arena I hope you, who are reading this, understand how powerful your feedback is in the form of comments, likes, shares not just to some marketing economic metric but to the very fabric of the universe which is born in consciousness - yours.

I'll be starting a networking facebook group in this regard for those who "get it" and are willing to pay attention to other people's work and share it like it was their's knowing that's how things really get done. Anyone who thinks that physical things like money, time, age, language, race, sex, etc. and the pressures against these facts are what holds people back from the good life - think again. Its what we are not willing to do with what we've got that is our self - imposed prison.
Started it:
Share Masters

Back to the avant garde composition:

The 4th Wall between performer and audience was dismantled in one giant psychedelic blast after the next A Dream Retrieval Ritual. Even now, it does because its an evolving as is possible in our techno age of instant re-membering and dissemination. Its a seed, a catalyst dropped into the solution of self-destruction writ large in our corporate government soul controlled illusion surrounding us in commercial language in the signs we pass driving, the emails, the mis-education, the media brain washes us till we think we want something when really our desires have been accessed by culture vultures to do their dirty deeds dirt cheap.

Below is what passes for sheet music amongst these deviants. Everyone who saw it wanted to know more about what Ryan put on paper and how it translated to the performance.

Here's a video of Reed explaining the pictographic notation.

This is the band 
Öliv Örkást this sheet music is for.  I presume it will be as PROG-tastic as his last effort with 

Here's some of his previous work with Hot Cognition.
Speaking of work how'd you like to get paid for sharing your passion with others and helping folks get healthy through what Mother Nature has provided that Monsanto has taken away and poisoned?

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