Friday, February 27, 2015

Madonna has a new album, I'm so excited! Its called Whore of Babylon traitor to individual freedom - catchy huh?

I would like to add that anytime one person speaks for all of a group it is a foul.

I speak my view so others may consider it as I consider theirs but I don't speak for others.  Likewise, Jews, Mexicans, Muslims are full of people like me that find this practice incorrect despite everyone buying into the idea that a president can speak for a whole company.  Obviously, that model is designed to limit risk to the corporation which is why coaches are fired with the same speed I throw away recyclable paper towels which is a stupid practice I admit.

Jews lived with Arabs peacefully for a long time in Palestine before Rothschild shipped in immigrants from Europe and forced Israel on us all.

Would you want a meal half-cooked then why do people want their information half-baked?

I take a news story, look at it and make a blog post that is open for further interpretation via reader feedback - anything else is like pornographic.  Its not the real thing which is a two way relationship with others.

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Did you know the NAZI alliance was the most ethnically diverse force ever at the time and top leaders in the party were Jewish?

I don't mean to promote their group only to show the truth that has been obscured by central banker controlled media.

"Triumph of diversity: This is precisely what characterized the German Armed Forces of World War II by the year 1945. While this may be difficult for many historians to accept, it is nevertheless an accurate summation of what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. Even though the Germans initiated their war with a racist doctrine in mind, one that sought to create a “New Order” for Europe, with Germany at the center and German elites at the top of the European political and racial hierarchy (a German version of the so-called “White man’s burden,” so to speak), the Germans nevertheless had to scrap this racial doctrine for one that promoted internationalism and tolerated multicultural and interethnic cooperation and intimate relations. Many Nazis were deeply affected by the non-Germans with whom they fought and worked. For example, Fritz Freitag ended up throwing Nazi doctrine to the wind, and instead focused on building a Ukrainian liberation army."

Did you know Jewish Zionists made a deal with the National Socialists of Hitler to move the Jews by force to Israel?

I love my enemy for making me more correct or else I'll perish in illusion.
Bring me your critique as well as your adoration and I will do likewise.

Diversity does not mean tolerate people sagging their gang bang prison britches in public, acting superior or refusing to speak English so their gang can grow at the expense of the host nation.

It means be yourself equal to all in the role provided by nature as part of universal biology.  It means celebrate our differences.

The folk of each of our tribes and races who remain true to our nature, honorable traditions and willingness to change so we may all be free are your friends.

The picture and idea below minus Disney via Monsanto and the U.N. owning us like the most awesome beanie baby collection of humanity is what I'm about.  We don't need no stinking nations.

The globalists who produce this propaganda mean its a small world like, "We whoopped humanity with barely a fight, huh?"

We mean its a small world like, "I can coach surf in Dubai, what you got to give and get?"

If you think the White House and celebrities are your friends that is so sad.  They're the one's that like to congratulate you while the put a "kick me" sign on your back.

While the fair weather sportsfan hate when the tv allows it drones have traded in their human consciousness and love for a lottery ticket and chance to beg from master's table.

Or maybe you think your tax dollars are well spent on Hollywood military industrial complex propaganda in tv and fillm?

We are energy in matter - its behavior that is the issue - not the color of skin or way our defenders march that strengthens us.

Please forgive me of my faults.  I have no shame in my game.

How do you choose to give to the cause of defending humanity?

One way I give is to offer a way to help yourself and others get away from poison in our environment, food and water by promoting the Youngevity line of natural nutrition and wellness lifestyle products and optional $10 to start business opportunity.

Here is your chance to learn why Dr. Wallach wanted people to get the same nutrition that zoo animals get beause all disease is the result of nutrional deficiency due to the rape of our Earth.

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