Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back to the Future is all about predicting 9/11! This will blow your mind.

The following are screenshots (unless otherwise noted) from the documentary, Back to the Future - Dark Occult symbolism decoded, created by barelyHuman11 on YouTube.

So, why is this important to me and others?

Well, how would you feel about one of the most popular movies since Star Wars being part of a dark occult military operation to tell us that we would be attacked on 9/11/01 16 years after the film was released?

I shudder when people tell me this is not important or ask what I am doing about this.  I'm informing those who don't want to be informed is what I'm doing - I'm diverting people away from pointless politics and helping them base their lives around what is really going on - that's all.

There are many of us now that are standing up to mass ignorance and carelessness, censorship and the destruction of humanity while being made fun of by our supposed friends and family and taking risks to share this because no matter how alienating this can be its worth it - its a true adventure in life to know and do about all this that has been covered up.

Its why J.F.K. was murdered and why no future exists if we let this continue to go on as we are turned into computer drones.

Would you drop what you know now for what you learn to be true?  Or would you rather live in a belief system you prefer?

Please watch the movie at the picture link below but here are some examples of what you are shown - its amazing when someone points all these out because in this movie they are what they whole film is obviously about to begin with.

The clock shows 9/11
The mall is named "Twin Pines" while the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are about the number 11 or any two things that resonate like a tuning fork.

Here we see the time says 9/11 upside down.

Later after time has been altered we see the two pines become one just like the twin towers became...

Marty McFly franticly warns Doc Brown about Middle Eastern terrorists (they could have been from anywhere but they look just like the 9/11 terrorists) who are going to kill him.  Also, the clock tower is threatened to be removed.

Statue of Liberty torch shown at Marty McFly's future home.

along with the twin towers.

These are the feet of George McFly upside down watching the towers fall that his wife cause to fall when she clicks the remote for the tv just like a detonation.

The awake of us are trying to save humanity from its darker self but its not going to good from my view - the whole movie is Marty trying to warn people in this manner just like conspiracy activists.

This sign behind the woman clearly says "The third Eye with the eye in the pyramid symbol like on the dollar.

What I have shown you here is like when you glance at a menu for a nice restaurant while on vacation.

If you want a lifetime memorable experience I suggest you watch the film to see how all this is tied into enlightenment via the stimulation of the pineal gland via DMT and how the world elite mis-leaders follow in the footsteps of Egypt as they channel gods from beyond and they base what is important on the mythology of the Olympian Gods so they don't care about us and you shouldn't let them mis-lead us anymore.

I have only scratched the surface of the symbolic analysis revealed in this documentary.

This full version is up on another channel for Truth Media Revolution.

I'm sorry atheists and Christians and whomever but if you don't learn about the Occult (that means hidden in latin) then you are not basing your life on what its actually about.  To try to go up against this enemy which is apparently beyond our mis-leaders and are aliens/demons that the Pentagon channels psychically and develops the tv and internet so our bodies can be given over to use while we are increasingly living in a fantasy world people think is real - I'm not the one pawning off untruth surprisingly.

Christians don't feel bad, the hippies are sold sex, drugs and rock n roll and the next generation is sold smartphones and social media all of it disables people more than they are able to wield these tools to create their way out of this mousetrap - we're all hurting and lost until we can truly help each other - I have stuff to learn from you too.

Churches and Academia are no friend to truth - they depend on weak people to depend on them where as Jesus said we could do all he could do and more and we're all supposed to be scientists - not just experts.

Colleges won't let people hand out flyers unless they get a permit to do so - that is how unfree speech is in the U.S. now.

Science, spirituality everything is covered with dis-info and the truth is super weird from our manufactured perspective.

So, I've done the work of sifting through what I think will be the most enjoyable to learn about and will awaken people so they can help us get back to nature and sanity away from psycho control.

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  1. This is really...really far-fetched. For one reason!

    You are trying to draw parallels between similarities in shapes from a MOVIE. News flash: Numbers pop up all the time. every single day. They have since the beginning of time. It does not mean that they are connected to any sort of conspiracy. So what if there was a shot of the twin towers? Did you know that people included them in films regularly, just because they were an iconic feature of New York? Did you know that people include iconic landmarks in films across all genres, just because they are truly remarkable? Get a grip!