Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Check out Roku's Psychedelic Coffee - Terrence McKenna advocates psychedelic experiences to deal with our world order dissolving.
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Terrence's brother Dennis will be speaking at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in Philladelphia, PA April 10 - 12, 2015.

If its becoming more obvious to more people that the establishment is not capable of managing how we live because order via state control does not bring peace and happiness since those are our business as sovereign people only in charge of ourselves; then, what are we going to do about this?

Like Terrence asks, will we raise knit wits who worship this manufactured consent society where for a few who live in idiot luxury a lot has to be taken from people and the earth so people won't have to be in charge of themselves and so a few central bankers won't have to work but steal for a living; or, will we raise children who are alienated intellectuals?

If its technology versus free love/energy in this new world dis order then I am afraid tech is winning.  I concur with Terrence's assessment that we have gone backwards from the freedom to live as we wish was demonstrated by the freedom that the baby boomer children were promised but had to find themselves as the usual suspects of war and commerce at any cost were offered.

Its obvious that corn syrup and alcohol cause more harm to humanity than cannabis and psychedelic plants and this is slowly changing to be more accepted.

What do you think about the alternative community?  We do see organic food and yoga becoming more accepted - we do see industry becoming de-centralized thanks to 3D printing and computer programming.

I feel the area of exploring our psychology and viewing our life as a alchemical story we create needs alot more energy.  Is this movement retarded because of the influence of internet culture?  It doesn't seem like nearly as many people started playing music because of Pink Floyd as did earlier people influenced by pop rock.

Gaia Flux is an example of grassroots community that uses social media to augment its word of mouth advetising - what do you think about that scene?

I think even the open minded of us are still dependent on working within existing constructs like an outdoor music concert but the real magic is in building an actual alternative community that creates itself in harmony with nature.

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