Sunday, September 28, 2014

How can we take better care of ourselves and nature by learning about beekeeping?

I got tired of working on online marketing for now so I turned on the tv.

I pushed the number 3 button and arrived at AETN, my local PBS station.

Home.  Channel 3 is home in tv land.

PBS has a place in the home of the heart and minds of U.S. families as most of grew up watching famous shows like Sesame St.

In between doing some stretching from sitting at the computer I watched a show I enjoyed entitled Natural Beekeeping.

It amazes me how even a tv show about nature can draw us closer to healthy natural rhythm.  
Not only is there classical music in the background that sounds like the rate and melody I imagine our neural synapses in our brains to fire like which makes great study music or to relax to; but, also the buzz and dance of the bees as they calmly go about their business draws me in.

As our world goes through such stress as we retreat from over-dependence on corporate commerce, its nice to have a landmark like PBS to hold onto to help us work together despite our differences.

What do you want to cultivate to ensure the future has from the past?

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