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Producing and Consuming News should be about solving problems together not hyping division and fear.

The following is a response I had for the Fox News show that comes on Sunday #mediabuzz with Howard Kurtz where the media grades its ability to cover a story in a way that represents journalistic integrity toward the goal of giving people info so they can form a response that is the duty of citizenship within a democracy.

I tried to email them directly but the email feature didn't show completion when I clicked the "send" button.

I'm watching #mediabuzz right now.

This show is about reviewing how the media covers events right?

Well, the woman guest (sorry didn't catch her name) mentioned that she thought it was not professional for someone of Fox News to have made a joke suggesting someone take the stairs instead of the elevator in regard to the Ray Rice story.

Ok, so I just watched the segment mentioned and I feel its not fair to take what was said about the stairs as acting like domestic abuse is no big deal.

This is an example of how popular it is to grandstand about a topic as an ideologue.  Its like people are a mouse that hears a word and its like a piece of cheese they bite into and their open mind gets shut off just like with a mousetrap as they demonize who they see as their opponent.  We forget.  After the fighting is over, we must figure out a solution beyond name-calling.

I took it as if you are upset or inebriated then don't get into an elevator with someone you might get into a fight with because the closed space and waiting heighten the fear - fight or flight response.  The couple had been arguing prior to the incident so it takes two to start and stop domestic abuse.

Someone could argue the anchor saying "remember, there are cameras in elevators" as suggesting people commit crimes where there are no cameras but again NO.  That is not what is meant, its saying be on your best behavior everywhere because there are cameras and tech spies.

Now, I'm against the NSA and all this spying (because the agencies need for security clearly defines free speech and equality under the law as a threat to their ability to corner the market on what is pro-American) but I'm for us being ourselves and honest and cameras help with that so I feel if we can all have the same laws and cameras on us then its fair and helpful.

I just wish both the media and the public would stop acting in inflammatory ways.  We should all change our seeking attention with headlines and our reactions toward providing solutions in showcasing the different ways to deal with an event.

We as news producers and a self educated public which are both necessary to make democracy work must CHOOSE to use basic psychology so we don't let ourselves get all fired up by news stories without transforming that attention into positive solutions.  We should all grow up.

The power that is used to keep an elite few rich people in charge of world affairs is just as much the ability for we the people to learn about advertising and all the ways we are psychologically manipulated and thus develop defenses against them.

We have to see ourselves as able to help through our actions or else we're blaming and acting as victims to events and this responsibility must be taken seriously by the press and the people or we will be inviting domestic abuse on the scale of world wars just like these couples are having.

Developing internal authority is the only antidote to external authority and the boogeymen they create to scare us into complicity with their control structure.  This is the job of we the people of the world to use media to affect change globally and locally just as it is used on us to modify our behavior.

This is the learning point I feel best serves our way forward.  We all are responsible for the slave/master behavior and striving toward a new balance of forces.

We've all got to evolve past this idea that there is one right way to do things and that the media/education should be used to force everyone to agree or be run over by the majority.

No more crusades or collective punishment or witch hunts.

If a news story or its analysis doesn't end with turning inward to our self and how we can change our behavior to help then its part of the problem.  We all must be responsible for how we communicate and relate with the powerful access to info we have now.

No laws need to be passed, we can just consider this and act accordingly.

No, we should look at this like an energy economy and we're all co-operating to find new ways to distribute energy that comes from our discussion of the day's events so that fights that are counter-productive toward a balance between polar forces occurs instead of trying to profit over controversy.

If any of us do the latter we become an agent of chaos - and that's not funny like it is on Get Smart. lol

People just don't seem to realize that the fears they carry in them are more a threat than whatever is happening - no one can secure that but individuals so I don't like the NFL being used to showcase one person's bad behavior either to promote gangster behavior or to promote a collectivist politically correct response to destroy someone's career over their behavior.

Ultimately, the people are responsible for their behavior.  Yes, profit motives ensure that we are pressured to act out of fear in ways that serve those who profit by chaos.  We need to grow up and accept this as a natural position that will be played.

I'm someone who supports the alternative media and believes we should be critical of what I believe to be manufactured events like ISIS and 9/11.  However, I have grown past hating on elites that rule by trickery - that's their job.

My job is to create win-win outcomes where friendship rules over politics.  Can't have one without the other so its my peers and myself I am concerned with.

Likewise, I believe the media, even if it is largely a mouth piece for Wall St. and a world run by central bankers, can be used just like we can to sell an idea and modify our behavior consciously - despite its corruption because the corruption is the fault of the good people paradoxically.  Not until we take personal responsibility for how we act and re-act do we truly become the good actors we wish to be.  I've learned to respect my opponents in life as shadows of myself I need to understand before I can progress and help.

So, this is why I am commenting on Fox News more because I feel they are improving in how they are asking good questions with their panels for us all to consider.

If I can't dialog here despite my understandable lack of trust of the press in general to act fair despite the pressure of their paycheck gatekeepers then I would also be to blame, as I feel journalists are for, not whistleblowing more about the way news is used as a propaganda arm for global governance just as these sport leagues like the NFL and World Cup are.  I'm in charge of my input and output so I should let others act without fear.  The more people reward those in government, corporations and media that speak the truth despite the threat to their well-being the more they will have a safe haven we create together.

People can just not support the player in this story instead of declare how evil he is (that's witch hunt behavior - problems do not go away from hating on people no matter how vile their actions).  If they really care about domestic abuse then you wouldn't send the message that only the men play a role in this behavior and you wouldn't ostracize people for making bad mistakes.

Its more important what we learn from mistakes or violence including warfare than it is to go on these crusades to show we're tough on terrorism or domestic abuse.  Because anytime like the Ice Bucket Challenge or whatever media fad that gets people all jazzed up people need to not just play along with the media and vice versa but we need to see what we learned and changed as a result.

Example:  showcase how Ravens fans for and against Ray Rice could help organize a workshop about domestic abuse to stop it happening.

So, again, I don't want to hear anyone on the news both audience or anchor to dictate to us what we should do and threaten.  If we don't stand for our ability as the ruled and the rulers to work together to solve problems politics will become war now on the grandest world stage because of the conscious interconnection of people in the world due to the internet and internal change in how we deal with this pressure.

Public discussion should be like a buffet where solutions are offered - we should gain by each other's perspectives not fight for agreement.  Let's encourage critical thought not harass people to agree "or else".

Thanks for the quality coverage of media performance.

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