Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What if 2014 by December is the year that the money breaks?

Harvey Organ is describing this happening to Greg Hunter on his youtube channel:

He's saying that the gold and silver paper ETF - (Exchange Traded Fund) will be worthless because people will not be able to collect the precious metal in exchange for their stock.

The price has been driven down by behavior by places like JP Morgan lying about supply.

They say there are 100 obligations per each piece of precious metals.

There will be a new price when China announces on the news their precious metal credit.

The U.S. doesn't have any precious metal he speculates because they have sold it to China.

Germany tried to collect their gold from Fort Knox and we have not come up with it.

The news doesn't put this in the correct severity of perspective and people don't know so it looks like something isn't happening.

Yet, it is.

Russia and China mine their own precious metals so the U.S. has officially been sold up a river by the federal reserve banksters.

The new world financial order is being initiated despite the U.S. calling for war distraction threats.


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