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Free Zone Live 2.14.15 - Eve Lorgen - podcast notes and commentary

Why are vampires and monsters so popular in not just youth but both ancient and modern popular culture as well as esoteric (expert knowledge) quarters?

Is it because it hints at the contradiction of how most people just want to love and get along yet we must protect against getting screwed over by ourselves and others?

Are these simply philosophical questions that sell movie tickets and merchandise or is their a more sinister intent in their publication?

This is the question, answer and solutions that and would like to offer as part of your consideration.

If you want a place that promotes the fact that there are other people all over the Earth and beyond that want to help you and be a friend, why not check out:

For me, I need people to think and live outloud with and I don't trust any organization like a church or education system because I feel they are not genuine in providing the open yet safe environment needed for such an endeavor.

Here, you have like what the Gnostics had and that is people from all walks of life and knowledge and love perspectives that are willing to co-operate with others to create a positive tolerant alternative worldview yet stand for their diverse positions as well.

Notice there is no slick ad campaign or people standing in line to join the Friendship Agenda like they would for a black Friday sales event.  Perhaps this is a tip off to where real love and happiness lies - away from the sexy ads and toward people you have to build relationships with beyond sharing cat pictures and the most recent fear hype of the news?

Not that I don't dig cool animal photos.

Ok, what I'm doing now is giving you what I feel are foundational concepts needed before opening the Pandora's box that is the topic of alien mind/heart control.

1.  Somebody has to show that we can live beyond facebook, why not be a leader in your peer group and invite people to join you at The Friendship Agenda?

Some of us know that there is something that money can't buy.  Facebook and the internet in general are about tracking everything you do which serves two masters - the psycho control force that can only feed off another's lifeforce and those who recognize they are non-physical beings in a physical temporary body and that love is an equal currency to money, the one eye.

2.  The eye of the heart sees through darkness and knows that there is a path to freedom through friendship.

Only you can see when others cannot and choose wisely.

Like Indy had to.

3.  Lisa Left Eye Lopez did not.
She like most choose to see the riches of the flesh.

Here you can see her hold up a Coca-Cola tin right before she crashes supposedly to avoid a vehicle in front of her that she didn't see because she was looking at a camera phone.

"I believe that your life is defined by what you believe and I believe that everytime there is a struggle it is but a preparation for what is yet to come." - Lisa Lopez

I know this Lisa Left Eye Lopez info seems out of left field but is it?

Coke advertises to drink the soda and have a smile.

McDonald's uses the phrase, "I'm lovin' it."

Maybe its important to recognize how we have confused lust with love?

If you and others can consider that we are lied to by ourselves and others that everything is going to be alright when in fact we are perpetuating destruction in and out of ourselves from every consumer purchase we fail to consider the implications of...

This would qualify as alien mind control wouldn't it?

She like so many celebrities seemed out of control and stuck in a culture of secret societies.

And yet its all as conveniently universal as Coca-Cola.

Look into the health risks of such an artificial thing we choose to put in us then notice the obesity/diabetes epidemic.  Is Obamacare helping people choose wisely?  Nope.

4.  Know Yourself = Know your enemy/friend

John Lamb Lash is a thought leader concerning the Nag Hamadi Gnostic texts only found in the 1990's (the discussion of diverse peoples in the holy land which contributed to how Christianity formed).

He adds his gnosis from observing the story told today in the movement of the heavenly bodies in the sky above just like the wise men saw the coming of Jesus according to the story.

He sees this schizoid mind we have as proof that aliens are the world of illusion that is half of our world and he seeks to eliminate this mental virus.

I however see that this was necessary so that we might evolve through what Carl Jung called the tension of the opposites and I see this as the value of the story of Jesus dying on the cross.

5.  However, if one interprets Jesus, Moses and Mohammad and the U.S.A. to be power of physical force look where that leads.

I have found a tremendous value by being honest and loving and forgiving with myself versus hating myself for failing in my past.

Now, when I realize how hypocritical and contradictory I am I give a silent thanks.  Its the blind and over-confident and fear-full that bluster confidence but are angered when questioned.

I don't mean to pester you with my world view but I think we need to convert all concepts into our own language and use this with others.

Paradoxically, this difference of perspective about the same subject matter creates clarity, understanding and tests the info in the shared world.

Eve, Freeman and Jaime discuss the perversion of the divine feminine so that we lust after the flesh of the whore of Babylon today instead of give and receive the unconditional love of Mother Earth.

I wish to offer the following as a solution to understanding why this occurred and how to reconcile our differences both in our own psyches and with each other; then, we'll get back to the show.

Do you recognize this symbol?

Its the caduceus and it has to do with alchemy and where we came from which is the sexual union of opposites - our Mother and Father, God and Nature, dark and light, yes?

Now, what about this symbol?

Its the rod of Asclepius and is still associated with the healing arts today.

Where did the other serpent go?

Does it have to do with the suppression and perversion of the feminine energy?

I think that the female energy has been suppressed on purpose and I think I agree with why this was done.

I believe our purpose as humans is to duplicate the power of creation given to us by the source of all things and non-things.

If you press a Christian or other religious follower they will admit that God must have a need for us beyond telling him how awesome he is, yes?

Well, I think Father God and Mother Nature are like any parent and they want to see their children and/or progeny do even better than them.

John 14:12The Message (MSG)

11-14 “Believe me: I am in my Father and my Father is in me. If you can’t believe that, believe what you see—these works. The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing. You can count on it. From now on, whatever you request along the lines of who I am and what I am doing, I’ll do it. That’s how the Father will be seen for who he is in the Son. I mean it. Whatever you request in this way, I’ll do.

Do you appreciate this armor of knowledge you can wear?  Do you think the force that wants to eat you like a candy bar wants you to have this peace of heart and mind?
So, as the destruction of the material based economy continues we must learn to co-operate from people with views and skills we lack or even detest is how I see it.

What division is there between fiction and non-fiction anymore?  The old world calls this schizophrenic.

I see it as the greatest change of humanity.  Now, we must engage with these weird forces of nature not through superstitions or trusting industry like Monsanto to build a better tomorrow but by our own reckoning just like the sea-farers and star seers of times almost forgotten.

I'm far from being as independent and co-operative with my fellow humans and beyond as I'd wish but I know there is no short cut to being the captain of your own life and allowing yourself to consider as much unwelcome truth as you can handle.

Notice how I intertwine my view in with the info I am considering for your consideration?

Thats the messy truth.  What good is it to hide my biases and imperfections?

I feel this topic of alien manipulation gets us to a heart of our confusion about our true nature.  We are hybrid at our core - we are both of nature and manufactured.  We can understand this just from looking at how our human consciousness is both in and out of the nature we are both of and outside of.

Being manipulated genetically by aliens is plausible and even concurs with the description of man as made by God (not the source of all but a demi-urge that thinks it is) within religion or how a citizen is registered with the state who creates a legal fiction that is registered.

So, I'm talking about mental health here.  The way I see it, we are all traumatized on purpose and so our sanity is diminished; yet, in healing from self-inflicted wounds we grow stronger.

Yet, notice that we live in a business based system that uses lawyer think to not admit fault in order to protect against financial loss.  Any store clerk knows this fundamental principle of human relations which exist almost entirely within business parameters.  When confronted, deny, deny, deny.

How much do we do by choice and for fun?  Is smoking weed something we choose or let overtake us, for example?

See, people don't want to think those thoughts or it would shatter the bs world we use to guide us through our day and lives, yes?

I just feel this topic is super far out for most folks whether they hate far out stuff or if they embrace these topics of aliens and psychic vampirism but because they do they are sensitive and understandably don't want to be traumitized by these invasive thoughts.

Should we embrace information because its popular?  Its what we want to hear?  Or should we follow the truth wherever it may lead?

Surely, someone may see the picture of the Twilight book series I have posted and feel I am attacking something they adore.

So, according to Eve's bio and knowledge she is dropping in her interview she is familiar with these topics which can scare the bejeezus out of folks - questioning our most profound notions.  Love being chief on the list because it is our gut our feminine intuition.

Just like our analysis, it can be dead on or dead on arrival.

The trick is that we people can love our servitude can't we?

Yes, its seductive to be educated on what goes on behind closed doors isn't it?

love vs. lust

Hmm... who is the lord of the rings of marriage?  The dark lord Sauron?  Rings, neckties, bracelets are all symbols of slavery which humanity appears to know more of than freedom, yes?

Are you sure you want truth?  Am I a slave to truth?
The quest continues.

The Love Bite presents us with a woman’s refreshing view of the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. Many people find themselves mysteriously thrown into obsessive relationships, but a few, otherwise reliable witnesses, claim to have been set-up in bonding dramas by alien beings. Eve Lorgen is determined to solve the mystery. While other abduction researchers politely skip over this highly controversial subject matter, Eve describes the Love Bite hypothesis with astounding clarity, compassion and humor. By her definition, the Love Bite is a kind of “psychic rape” whereby the victim is abducted, then manipulated into bonding with a targeted love partner chosen by the alien beings. The effects of the Love Bite can range from simple break-ups of platonic relationships, to violent divorces, and from “puppy love” to sudden urges to marry a complete stranger. Through several fascinating case histories, Lorgen demonstrates how the alien beings may be orchestrating these dramas for their own ends. It is as if the aliens are harvesting human emotional energy. Whatever their motives, Lorgen simply states that the heart of the matter lies in matters of the heart."
This book is available through Amazon.

I'm fascinated about how Eve turned her academic training as a psychological counselor toward the arena of alien abduction victims.

My perspective is that we have seen much more of the knowledge of how the human operates and why based on mind, heart, chemistry and evolution being used against us in the form of marketing propaganda to sell products and wars so when I see leaders who have dared to question authority instead of give people drugs or adjust them to fit an insane system of man I want to know more.

She has worked for over 20 years in this regard.  Here's what she shows she works with.

Articles and Topics of Interest

  • Anomalous Trauma
  • Paranormal & Anomalous Trauma Coaching and Hypnotherapy (PATCH)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Trauma & Addictions
  • Verbal & Emotional Abuse
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Dangerous Relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Compassionate Communication Skills
  • Developing Inner Empathy
  • Deepen Your Soul Connection for Life Empowerment

Here's info about a woman who inspired her to work in this regard.

Eve Lorgen mentions Dr. Karla Turner as inspiring her to use her counseling skills with the community of people who have had abduction experiences.

I'm listening to the speech she gave in around '94 that is found at the above page as I write this and my ears perked up upon hearing she lived in Arkansas at some point since I'm from there and live there now.

Arkansas seems secretive in its nature.  I hear of so many famous people who are from here but it doesn't seem widely known from my view anyway.

Could aliens be manipulating humans to fall in love and start a family?

That is what the book, The Love Bite is about.

Its also what a silly show I saw as a youth was about.

Remember this?

Out of this World Intro


The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic by James Bartley

Excellent article by James Bartley talks about things never before mentioned with Barbara’s work, and his own experiences while at conferences where “reptilian energy” ran rampant. Her knowledge of the famed “Heavens Gate Cult”– Marshall Apelwhite, Bo and Peep, and much. much more. He mentions Barbara’s understanding of the “Drama of the Love Obsession” phenomena, also known as the “Alien Love Bite”.
How does one tell the difference between a soulmate and an ET arranged romance?
Red Flags:
1.  Did you see your lover in your mind's eye before meeting?
2.  Are you feeling used by your sexual attraction to someone?  Do they turn you on physically but not emotionally or mentally?
3.  Physical sensation in the solar plexus, gut, pain in between shoulders, sensing the energy body has been touched when alone.
4.   Receiving a phone call or email when you are just about to disconnect.
5.   You feel like you are being watched like a puppet in a play.
6.  Thoughts feel obsessive or implanted
7.  A feeling of being in a magical reality in general
8.  Ufo sightings, abduction history with either or both partners

Freeman mentions Betty and Barney Hill pictured above.

I was born in 1976 so when I see the above picture it represents the growing popularity of openly discussing once taboo subjects like alien abduction and inter-racial marriage.

You may not be able to predict the future but you can count on things changing dramatically and faster than ever before thanks to communications tech and awareness of degrading environmental conditions.

Since Eve has decades of experience working with abductees he asks if alien abduction happens more to people of European dissent.

She says that it is a universal phenomenon in her experience but mentions Creedo Mutwa discussing his abduction as well as how native peoples are more connected to the earth energy.

There is so much more to cover but you'd have to be a member at and buy one of Eve's books to get that.

You can also register for the few spots still open at an online roundtable discussing The Love Bite book coming up on February 28th, 2015.

Thanks again for reading.


The following is an advertisement by me.
Eve, Freeman and Jaime have chosen to do something about the problems we face by being courageous in their expression and connection with people affected by these far out topics.

So too, I wish to contribute to this discussion and to partner with my fellow men and women who also listen and watch this programming.

This isn't just entertainment is it?

No, its brain and soul food we need to face the truth, yes?

So too must we address our physical body.

Did you know we need 90 essential nutrients?

Did you know that we cannot get them from the food alone today because the land and water have been robbed of nutrients and filled with toxins?

If you are interested in improving your health and optionally your wealth for only $10 to start please investigate the information I present at this link.

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