Thursday, February 26, 2015

Social In-Security - Do laws prevent corruption?

The following is a facebook discussion that arose over this post.

I don't like to promote any left vs. right political arguments because we need both sides to work together just like we need a left an right hand - any other choice is self-destructive.

However, I shared this with my point being that why do my fellow men and women support scams like social security and the whole money system is obviously used to stop "we the people" from being able to compete with industrial giants like John D. Rockefeller?

I understand and respect the Rockefeller position - he's rich and looks after his interests.

Why don't we?

Isn't government supposed to be a way to make this war that is natural between the material haves and have nots more civil and efficient for both parties?

Is that the world government we have?  Hell no.

So, when you hear people hating on Captialism they are actually supporting it becuase these elite central bankers led the Bolshevik Revolution and the American Revolution and China is totally dependent on the U.S. and vice versa.

So, in closing, I suggest the solution is to turn to open source everything so that the area of secrecy which is where rape and theft occurs disappears and management is turned over more so to the grassroots community as has been the trend as man has evolved both spiritually and physically to form communities based around agriculture and government and now we are consciously restoring the natural law to meet the man made law we have created which brings back the suppressed feminine aspect into balance.

Here's more about what open source government means from a CIA agent who champions this cause.
This is the website that hosts the above podcast.

Here's a facebook group I made to participate in open source everything.

Greg Carlwood is the host of The Fireside Chats and this link goes to his facebook profile.

A website of Robert David Steele's publications

Robert David Steele

 My debate partner - Paul Coker

and me - Chad Warren

Thanks for reading.

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