Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have a great memory. I remember everything that I see or hear.

I listen to 15 minute guided meditations each morning if I have the discipline by simply scrolling through youtube with "15 minute guided meditation" as the search querry.

 This one was different.

 Its using the power of hypnotic suggestion to build your confidence that you have a super power memory.

 Does it work? Well, let me test it.

 I remember being in a hallway in Jr. High. Just south of the stuffed wolf that is Lake Hamilton School's mascot. On the way back to English class where we are watching the 70's film version of Romeo &Juliet.

 Did I just see Juliet's bodacious ta ta's on a film at school? Yes. Most righteous.

 **** Well, I think that's an open and shut case, you will see romantic images of nude women if you listen to this audio. Just kidding.

 The audio is amazing though, I must confess. It promised 3D sound and it delivered.

 Binaural frequencies are used that are slightly off and your mind decodes the difference so a sound in the theta brain state frequency range was played to facilitate a relaxed mind ready to receive programming.

 You hear the narrator who sounds like a friendly chubby guy to me.

 He's virtually walking all around you and delivering positive suggestions, "you have an amazing memory, you have instant recall, etc."

I immediately remembered going to MGM Studios at DisneyWorld as a child and there was a sound booth where they showed off the power of binaural audio which has a dummy head on a stick and there are microphones inside channels in the ear of the dummy modeled after our ear canals so the diaphragm on the mic mirrors the ear drum as closely as possible.

 This audio does a good job of this and I'm surprised I haven't heard it more. Please share in the comments what you felt about this video or your experience with positive affirmations, binaural beats and guided meditation either via audio/video guides or with a person. What are your go to self-help tools?

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