Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Warrior/Truth Seeker infighting over the meaning of symbols and what to do about it.

I think Alex puts together part of a good point about how we as the de-occultists, the truthseekers, those who intend to be the good gals and guys should be careful that we don't attack each other in our pursuit of shedding light on the evil perversion that the elite monied families of industry and royalty have done to corrupt nature and symbols that are the source of power in our world.

I made a comment about Kali and Miley Cyrus based on the work of Freeman Fly and Jamie Hanshaw which I enjoy.


I agree with this assessment that Miley sticking her tongue out at the 2013 VMA performance is a reference to Kali - the Goddess of destruction and the end of times.

However, its only one face - the perverted one used by the Skull and Bones elite society types to justify their rule by terror over us as world mis-leaders.

The other side is that what dies from sickness and war had it coming and if we want peace we have to understand while life is a mystery it also happens according to order.

Paradox is the essential life experience.

Who am I?
How did I get here?
Where am I going?

If one is not comfortable with uncertainty then they cause suffering because all cannot be known and controlled.

Facebook is interesting in that it is causing people to hear each other's view that never would have until now.

Yes, this causes drama but it also causes tolerance and understanding so that we realize there are alot more this and this instead of this or this considerations, wouldn't you agree?

What are ways we can be confrontational in living truth without disrespecting those who we disagree with?

Thanks for your consideration.

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