Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First time listen to the Grimerica podcast - show notes - Adam Gorightly - new book - Historia Discordia

Show description from Grimerica.CA:

Adam Gorightly, author of many books, blogs and rants of the conspiracy and counterculture genre his latest book being, “Historia Discordia” joins the Grimerican’s in this episode. They chat about Discordianism, synchronicities, conspiracies, UFO’s and LSD, Top secret programs and strange connections between controversial history figures. Check out Adam’s work at:
My notes:

 Discordianism = A counter-religion that celebrates the face that there is no order imposed on reality except by human desire for it. Examples: The Church of Sub-Genius Robert Anton Wilson - Operation Mindfuck = They pretended to be the Bavarian Illuminati in letters of their Discordian Society (pranksters). Belief is the death of intelligence - RAW - Discordians must stick apart = that's like how we must be united in our differences = united states

So, I'm hearing some real hosers here ala the McKenzie Brothers (joke for the humor impaired)

They probably appreciate that reference as much as I would appreciate people asking if I wore shoes regularly since I'm from Arkansas.


Ofcourse then I go around saying "y'all" thinking its cute and unique in a time where anything resembling real culture is being tagged and bagged for dead like deer in the woods this time of year.

Adam Gorightly - he had to have made up that name, right?

I heard about discordianism via Robert Anton Wilson and his Illuminatus Chronicles.

Adam mentioned the idea of Illumi-Naughty.  I thought of that too and used to tell people about my joke idea for a titty bar based around the Illuminati pyramid idea.

Adam also mentioned J.R. Bob Dobbs and the church of the Sub-Genius.

I remember finding this at Waldenbooks in the Hot Springs Mall back around 1990.

Uh oh...

I feel it coming on due to that damned picture of Waldenbooks.

Its a full on 80's nostalgia wave.

Set your YouTubes to Fresh Aire by Mannheim Steamroller.

I thumbed through it a number of times - it was real expensive so I left there only to find it in the bathroom of a stoner friend's bathroom upon attending university.

There I went on to read Snowcrash by Neil's Stephenson thanks to Chris Mattson.


It was all memes, acid and Magic the Gathering for abit after that.  We'll cut out the next 17 years and now I'm divorced with an awesome 4 year old son - go figure.

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