Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zion-ism is not the path to Zion. Whomever recognizes truth, experiences the hand of Heaven pet us against the belly of Mother Nature below.

"Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." Those words don't belong to the Pope. This world does not belong to the central bankers and the military. They reference our true nature with their symbols and rituals, their uniforms and pageantry of the media. We don't need mediators. We need to take baby steps of faith to form hypotheses of scientific inquiry and find our purpose in alchemical experiments in harmony with the bigger picture of our place in nature. I thank the Devil for the lies that obliterate us for without the slap on our baby's asses upon leaving the womb we would not have the discipline to respond to our plight, to survive and thrive with purpose. Check out "Third Eye!" The latest from Arkansas Groundscore.

Look at their lovely lyrics:

“The people walk so blindly to babylon
but the spirit will guide me to mnt zion
we are careful not to dance with the devil
when trying to get on the level
I am not calling it destiny but the universe has us on a schedule

I try my best to be mindful and prepare myself for war
because being apart of this revolution is something i feel at my core.
while the sickness arises with ill intentions justifying killing while picking on the poor
i am the witness been sent on a mission testifying my feelings intending to even the score

the more knowledge i learn
the more i grow concerned
because they have grown so much power it is absolutely absurd

what is the purpose of paper worthlessness?
Is there something that i missed?
i am about to throw a fit!
i have a personal vendetta with the government!
they are murderous,
but i will purge this shit
with the conscious shift
because i can no longer let them further this.”
This is my antidote to the vote.  No one can represent you better than you.
You and I are the stuff of stars worth so much more than to be just buyers of driverless cars. If we can have computers that can't be co-opted by central command then I want one too; but, its like our government or our bodies, until we remove the spy trackers and malware and the poison we're just treating the symptoms of disease and not the cause. If you like this band, why not help them by liking their facebook page? Thanks for reading. Please comment, share and refer us to a website you find value in that matches the spirit of this post and site.

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