Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hippie New Agers can be just as stuck up their own ass as any Christian down at the Cracker Barrel

I want you to go check out what SaRa222 said about this topic here:

On the one hand, we are individuals and we choose to identify with different group self images like being atheist, American, Muslim, fat, etc.

But, its in our view of the world outside of our selves (which is a perception, a concept more than there is anything outside of us, not that that diminishes this relationship) that reveals more about us than it, often and it seems this data is harder for us to recognize, incorporate and activate upon.

I also want you to check out the blog mentioned because its at a site called the Friendship Agenda.  This was formed by Freeman Fly who is partnered with Jamie Hanshaw and their niche is in providing a point of departure from the doom and gloom of conspiracy most notable in a character like Alex Jones who is often upset as is his audience understandably at all the info that shows we are treated like the chickens that live in cages atop one another that most of us eat.

Yes, I realize that a person like Alex Jones is attacked as being a form of astro-turf grassroots activism.  I bet the people that are quick to make a youtube about him being a diversion are not as likely to share their self examination at how they work against their own good goals.

I want us to consider that maybe there really was a shift that happened on December, 21st, 2012.  Maybe, we are part of this 26,000 great year galactic cycle where now the paradigmn is to unify where for the last 26k years we were seperating, individuating which had personal liberty like in how America was formed but it also has the constriction imposed by our addiction to what Wall St. offers.

The point is that we won't make progress if we continue this witch hunt of worrying about what other people do.

Let's say Alex is a Jesuit co-intelligence agent.  So what.  Everyone has a role to play.  Do you think you would be better than him if he was?  Are we more valuable than an ant that bites us on the ass at a picnic?  No.  We're connected to all that is including the devil, Monster energy drinks.

Watch this video use the fact that Infowars (Alex's website) gives people pocket U.S. Constitution booklets when people buy stuff from him and The Heritage Foundation makes those so he' the devil.

That is insane - fact.  We all live on the same planet, we're all in the same literal family of life and death.  Every single one of us, the devil inside like INXS sang.

The future of the truth seeker community is in facing our own behavior if we want to be free from external authority that is.

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