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Yes! Reject the lie that a corporate government of, for and by the central banking mafia can do anything but consume your worth and spit you out for buying their dependency. It is nature and spirit from which we spring - not the scraps from some master's table. External authority = personal irresponsibility.

Here is a TIME magazine article about this:

Voting like most concepts that are bedrocks of modern society are engineered by a few who think they own the earth and all life here and anywhere they can. Should you support this idea?

Obviously not.  Isn't it obvious that civilization with its laws and its science of tyranny via indoctrination toward manufacturing our consent so we are fooled into thinking we make choices the most evil idea imagined?

So what if its popular?

Here's a blog that outlines some reasons why voting is a bad idea.  I'll list them and you may go to the blog to read John Schneider's further explanation he wrote for the Duke University Chronicle.

1. It legitimizes the tyranny of the majority.
2. Everyone’s vote counts the same.
3. Voting further entrenches the given party system. 

"Anarchists propose that a better way to do things would be to ensure that no one has more power than another, that everyone was equal and had an equal say in their direct affairs.  We believe important decisions such as where and how we work, how we live, and how we relate to each other, should be decided directly by all those involved. This is what we mean by ‘direct democracy’, and as we shall see, is totally different to ‘representative democracy'

"...Far from advocating chaos, anarchists are strong believers in organisation—and in particular, ways of organizing that are as non-exploitative as possible. Anarchists don’t just wont to flip the ‘pyramid’ upside down, so the bottom becomes the top and the top becomes the bottom—we would rather do away with the pyramid all together! Instead, horizontal and equal forms of decision making would replace it, making the most out of non-hierarchical systems that would function—not up or down—but from the outside edges-in, from the periphery to the center. This form of direct democracy is known as Federalism."

"The key aspects of direct democracy is the fluid and temporary nature of delegation; that delegates are directly involved in the decision making, and are directly from and for the group; and that everyone involved has a direct say in the issue at hand (whether that’s shopping, running a community garden, or an entire workplace/community). What’s cool about it is the equal balance of power in making decisions, and the non-existence of an exploitative hierarchy."

If you would like to see an example of how this works using the analogy of organizing a group of people to go shopping for a group project and see it tested by doubt then please visit:

My understanding of the value of federalism is as simple as if you were in a classroom of fellow students.  Imagine you're all working on an art project and you need some glue so you call across the way to your classmate Susie - "Would you toss me the glue please, Susie?"  She complies and you both continue your work.

This gets into how we must be both individuals and unified in a greater work in order to perform at peak and have fun doing it by making judgement decisions and realizing that if we help enough other people to get what they want then we'll receive help when we need it as well.

Is this your view of the chaos that direct democracy or anarchy would bring?

Or this?

I don't like those images either.  They are based on the idea that one must use violence to achieve their goal of freedom.  Who is hurt in the process doesn't seem to matter to those with this mindset to me.  The logo seems to suggest negating the sex act of combining the male member via the up facing triangle and the female egg of a circle with a nix line through that.

I perceive that this idea that is popularized in media and activism is not a solution but is the reason why people correctly do not want to use protests as a means of securing power.  These methods are about taking your power from your oppressor but it is our own behavior we should control.  We are the one's who choose to buy the things we want and need from mega-corporations when we could grow our own food or buy it at a farmer's market, for example.  You can't achieve anything by shouting hate and throwing a maltov cocktail at yourself or McDonald's.  That is a form of censorship which is stealing another's right to be.

I can't recommend Mark Passio enough in your research into what being a responsible adult is about.

He is a great speaker, event organizer, radio host, and graphic artist/web designer.  He's got good taste in music if you like metal too.

What is another barrier to us developing the discipline to match our passion in our struggle so that one day everyone will be equal in operating our affairs instead of slaves on a prison planet plantation?

I say it is to stop filling ourselves with poison.  Mark up above is great about helping you begin the task of removing the malware on your mental/emotional computer of your self so you can lead yourself to victory in life.

Gabe Rivera is a new friend of mine in liberty activism.  He skated as a child evidently and it takes someone who rebels against the system to figure out what rules are and how to organize a system and live by it so its strong enough to contain us and liberate us at the same time.

He correctly focuses on the failed War on Drugs as a problem to solve in order to start human civilization.  We live where people talk about Jesus or humanism but there isn't much going on.  There's alot more standing in line for iPhones or Black Friday stampedes aren't there?

Just as this idiot cattle majority can be mislead by the few who wish to control the many, it can be lead by the few who wish to liberate the many.

"All war, poverty, homelessness,
corruption and toxic forms of living
will be eliminated forever
when we
end the drug war today.

This website will be the resource that educates humanity
on how to create the meme that will Save Mother Earth."

External Government must kill you because external government does not need you BY YOUR OWN VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in YOUR ABILITY TO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

In America we are taught to be rebels.
This is marketed differently to different demographics such as:


Commie Mexicans

Hip Hop Gang Bangers

Voting is where collectivized violence comes and goes from in support of the Just-Us system.  Don't believe the hype.

Voting causes bombs to be dropped.  Would you like to vote to not have a bomb dropped on you?  Sorry, you're in the minority according to the exit polls based on a machine that counts your votes made by the people that make ATM machines - Diebold.

You want to vote?

Be your own nation and electorate.
Here are some measures you may wan to put on the ballot and hope they attract support.
1. Eat healthy food as in not genetically modified organisms made by Monsanto (which refers to the Holy Mountain Moses acted like he ruled the world from and spread the mental virus that some people are chosen by God and should force the rest to die under extreme suffering till they kill themselves.

Do you want to wait till someone votes to decide this is genocide to give people poison or would you just not eat it now under your own authority?

Would you like to have a majority decide if you can say something?

It will get you put in prison in Europe to question if its a good idea to give a group of people that claim they are better than everyone else a country just because people hate the way the subvert their cultures with interest on loans and making money they create that has no work or asset backing it called Jews who now have Israel and force us all to fight their racial supremacist world wars.

I don't care if I were the only one in the world who knew that's evil - your voting on it is taking away not just my right to self rule but your own.

Will you agree with democracy when Muslims are allowed to run the part of town they take over and decree must operate under Sharia law?  No women without burkas, no gay people.

Will you be a big democrat then?

How is a Republic working out for you?  That's where you have representatives and they are supposed to follow laws like the U.S. Constitution.

Looks like the will of the people isn't making it into legislation and the only law enforcement I see is us little people for smoking weed and having a tail light out.

But who will pay for the roads, the idiots declare.  You and I just like now only that money won't get stolen when our peers operate the business of building them and we can see into how that is run and not pushed off by some Federal guard with a uniform at the door.

Before you go, I'd like to show a picture of what a terrorist really looks like.  This is a person who demands that everyone be collected into a system and told what to do by others and forced to do it at gunpoint and by medical perscription involved in the most hateful state-religion of violence that hopes to ensure hell exists on earth.

A Voter:

"Report today to your local UNITE Indentification Center and show yourself a true citizen of the world."

There is no voting here but there are other awesome people like you who are committed to having fun changing their behavior for the better while learning about far out truth and proving that friendship is the most dependable currency.

What if you could learn the truth about how to make money online for FREE with the company of other Independent Business Owners who operate more like your buddies than a bunch of idiot sharks trying to hawk their deal?

You can! \/\/\/

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