Saturday, November 29, 2014

How do we turn the negative of Ferguson into a positive?

If it is not already obvious to you - the Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown situation is a carefully orchestrated club to beat us into a race war frenzy that couldn't happen without the media to fan the flames of hate and fear that become the growing police state.

Here is a black man who encourages his same colored skin folk to

‘STOP messing up your neighborhood’ there ‘ain’t no rich white man sneaking into the hood painting graffiti, peeing in hallways, sellin’ crack on the corner”.

Its not a white man that is sneaking around - its anyone who will step on anybody to gain power at the expense of others.

This picture shows where I heard about this video and blog.  Its a small but high quality group where we discuss issues of the day.

Won't you check it out and join the group if you wish to help in providing solutions through a local/global mastermind group?

Those people that think that way are eventually collected by Zionism which is what rules the world - the idea that this group of people is better than anyone not in the group.

The Muslims are the Jews are the Christians are the Communists are the Capitalists are the Atheists are Scientism are Corporate U.N. government.

They run the race war to bring on world war 3.

Have you been hearing the stories about teens flying to the Middle East to become Muslim extremists?

Black folk are approached by Islam via Freemasonry and Prison.
Muslims are Jews - they have to have a bad guy to fight so they play a shirts and skins football game with our lives on the line.

The Illuminati plan for world war 3: Zionism Vs Islam

If Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing and he made Eyes Wide Shut about how he was never accepted by this elite group of Occultists then we will not be able to win by playing their games either so find out who really has your back, right?

All groups are infiltrated by people that use the groups to serve this goal of world war 3; so, we need to break away from how our groups are organized by centralized corporate bodies - churches are corporations as are our governments.  We're all coming from being full of lies and seeking to shed that and act correctly so don't feel bad if everything you think you know is incorrect.  We've all been lied to and abused.
Whomever can offer a better way forward will win the energy of the good hearted, hard working people of the world who want to do the right thing.
Most people will probably stand with the Satanic media as the truth comes out and gets more and more scary to them.
We should work to give them a way out of hell but most won't want to think, feel and do cause it hurts.  They will try to stop that pain and become un-conscious by consuming drugs and entertaining themselves to death.

We have to find sanctuary like in Logan's Run.  Truth-seeking cannot be owned by any one group, government or religion - its us together connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Jesus is the sun.  The 3 Magi followed stars to find him.

Each group like science and different cultures has a piece of the puzzle for how to live free from the Satanic control grid - the Matrix.


This is Alex Jones who unfortunately is the most dominant force in the truth seeking alternative media.

He is talking about the problem of Ferguson and how the same Communists that come in to promote this riot have been at all the other demonstrations like Occupy.

What's the solution though?


Here is how a race war is planned and how Charles Manson was connected directly to the Beatles and their song, Helter Skelter via Satanist Aleister Crowley who the Beatles promote on their Sgt. Pepper's album.  The Sharon Tate murder was to help this race war happen.

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  1. Yup. It's another helter skelter. The only solution to Ferguson is to end the drug war today.

    Unfortunately I'm still the only one working on that project. Appreciate the link.