Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holy Moly, I'm digging my new bicycle since my two cars are dead to me - let's ride like cavalry, free spirited and infinite on blacktop.

If you are your average person, the rest of what I'm going to say on this blog is likely to scare the bejeezus out of you if you don't know or want to know about what is behind the trends like green environmental yada yada.  Its good to be self-sufficient and also dedicated to volunteering to help community by being social and active.

I'm one of the people that can't help see this stuff.  You know, if people knew how hot dogs are made, most folks wouldn't eat em'.  So, when I see that we are all un-consciously supporting hate and death it makes me sick.  I talk about this stuff on blogs so I don't have to in person.

When you see me I'm nice and I like to go see a Razorback game or new film or whatever just like you - its balance to do both I say being serious and having fun.  I hope you'll hit me up to go riding and I want to take my 4 year old riding and even ride to like Burns Park to camp with bikes.

If I can go to the doctor or to work and not freak out at pain you can handle what I say below.  Don't trust me or anyone - look into it for yourself.  Imagine that I can know all this stuff and am happy and give thanks each day knowing I'm working toward one day when we'll all be equal and not have to accept the tyranny of kings.  I love you.

Chainwheel only knew that I was making a blog about my journey in riding this bike as my main transport.  I'm just sharing the deeper meaning behind that here.  They are super nice and professional.  I like how they really are fostering a lifestyle, a community I can tell by how they consider all the things that go along with bicycles and I look forward to working with them in the future and going on rides.

Please check out the video journal at the top of this page.  Its just the external typical part of my story, if you want the harsh truth of reality in a red pill, keep on reading.

What are you doing to gain independence from the energy masters who want us to remain their sub-scribers to their dominance over us?

I'm riding a bicycle as much as I can and tracking that story so we can learn and network to get out of this hell on earth called corporate government aka NAZIism (National Socialism run by ZIonists)

My studies have shown that Jews like their 6 pointed star suggests are the best and worst of humanity.
They pretty much own the idea of the hero and the Austin Powers super villian determined to rule the world.
The up triangle is the male penis left brained analytical power like this obelisk we have all over the world and Washington D.C. as much as Egypt.

There is no seperation between church and state like all the other lies we've been indoctrinated with in schools that teach us what to think more than how to think which are the classical arts of grammar, logic and rhetoric.

So, its not about Jew hating.  They can tell you all about how they've been bullied by their Rabbis forever and their Zionist radical minorities who forced the rest of us to help them achieve their dream of forcing the Messiah to appear by their occupation of Israel through the lie of their victimhood (they killed their own people and made a deal with Hitler and his punk crew because they had the same goal to send Jews to Israel.

Anyway, when you watch the news scare the Republicans to support war and the lefties to support U.N. environmentalism which is about abortion for the purpose of killing the whole human species and not planned parenthood just like the far right pumps guns so they can have people act nutty and think they are gonna be able to use them in some armed insurrection instead of defensively as they and all war is supposed to be for to defend good and not some notion of supremacy.

You don't like racism, don't support oil and the drug wars - that and taxes and charity and everything that is promoted on their media they dominate is to beat us into their multi-cultural gang.  They call us racist while they kick out non-Jews from Israel and seek racial purity and call the rest of us non-Jews goyem.

What does this have to do with riding a bicycle you say?

It has to do with what we call crazy vs. what we call normal or acceptable.

It has to do with self-propelled people power on pedals.



Have you ever seen the tv show the above icon is from, The Prisoner?
Here's a trailer for that.

Its about a British secret - agent who tries to retire but he knows too much so he is forcefully admitted to a secret island for the purpose of extracting information from him.

He goes through what anyone who realizes the Wizard of Oz behind the propaganda we all receive that keeps the kings and queens of tyranny flourishing while we continue our slave race by buying into manufactured consent like when we embrace Google or iPhones which are artifical intelligent slave chains.

I don't condemn others and not realize how trapped I am as I use a Google Chromebook which gives me a cheap efficient computer in exchange of most of my work being in a non-local cloud that can be taken away at anytime so we'd be smart to have physical backups of our online self-representation and protection from NSA NAZI spying from Little Brother.

Its like being in AA which I respect as an amazing self run organization - first we have to admit we have a problem.  Much like how real Christians admit their sins and don't act like they are better than others which is a  Zionist influence.

Zionism is a mental disease and again only affected the Jews because they did so much better than other tribes in protecting their place as heros in defending honor but were consumed by the pride of the lion they brag of in the MGM icon.

What Does the Pennyfarthing Bicycle Represent?

The answer to this one was given by Patrick McGoohan himself (thank goodness, because this one would've been very difficult to propose a solution to, otherwise!) In the Troyer Interview, McGoohan describes the bicycle as an ‘ironic symbol of progress.’ To put it colloquially: The bicycle represents something of the industrial age (beyond the Horse-and-Buggy Era). Beginning with the industrial age, McGoohan muses that we've been technologically progressing far faster than we've been learning how to cope with our new inventions. Thus, the pennyfarthing bicycle is the icon of the Village, an Aldous Huxley “Brave New World” notion that society has become too mechanized. This aspect of the Village is evident in practically all the episodes, but is more noticeable in “The General,” “Free For All,” and “A Change of Mind.”

So my intent is to prepare us for the singularity where artificial intelligence becomes in operation of our affairs.




Kurzweil is a science fiction writer who is also the head of research and development for Google.  He is currently working on a project to help computers understand text as well as humans can.

I scored a 30 in language skills versus a 17 in math skill on my ACT college placement exam
 (I don't say that to brag but to demonstrate how one thing leads to another )
but I do understand that writing uses grammar, logic and rhetoric which is why we are taught word problems in math class because they are functional terms a computer can use as much as their machine code of 1's and 0's.

My mission is to represent the humans as we are integrated with machines.  Its futile as the Borg would say to resist this.  No, Bruce Lee would have the better answer which is to roll with the energy in a ying/yang fashion or else you'll break and become grist for the mill.

That's enough philosophy - how does one fight the good fight?

Triumph - Fight The Good Fight from the US Festival from May 29, 1983

Here's a blog with a left community way of addressing how important bicycling is to community health.


Excerpt:My work is to try and promote the idea of bicycling as a community-building tool. Bicycling is not just health, it’s not just recreation, it’s not just about improving some neighborhood or other. It’s about bringing together different types of people. And right now bicycling is dividing people rather than bringing them together. For me equity means taking multiple perspectives into consideration and working with a coalition of people to define what bicycling is going to mean for America.
I happened to live in Seattle and rode my bicycle and put it on the bus to go down to my job at Kinko's (now Fed Ex copy center) at the convention center where the WTO meeting/protest later known as the Battle of Seattle was and I delivered via van and bicycle to and from customers in the role of courier.


Bus 52 Presents: Recycle Bikes For Kids

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