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Was Walt Disney saving our youth from Communist degradation of our culture and morals or was he creating mind control propaganda to enslave them?

These are notes I have made of the Free Zone Live podcast found here: released on Saturday, November 8th, 2014.

My purpose is to act as a sub-scribe.  This term itself is interesting and I think we should re-visit the origin of the term to bring meaning to today where we have so much power as an audience of the internet which is the last remnant of the free press.

Scribe:  a member of a learned class in ancient Israel through New Testament times studying the Scriptures and serving as copyists, editors, teachers, and jurists

Origin of SCRIBE

Middle English, from Latin scriba official writer, from scribereto write; akin to Greek skariphasthai to scratch an outline
First Known Use: 14th century

The only way life for humanity and the rest of the care force of earth and beyond to gain power is to realize that the consciousness behind the physical senses is our greatest gift and we either use it or lose it as sure as we must exercise or realize the loss of physical body performance.

You don't have to feel beaten into submission as an audience member of these truth seeking podcasts just because you don't feel capable of having your own podcast or able to gain followers and help your cause.  If you love this material you can devote yourself like the scribes of religions and lawyers today do to bringing the power of word captured in script alive through your curation of your own virtual museum of human experience to help the next person achieve understanding faster because you cleaned house and edited the message for clarity.


 Really, we are all working on the same project which is to learn from our experience by creating in some form a response to our lives which brings the power from an immaterial thought and feeling world into that of the flesh and physical world we live in but are not of.  All arguments between statements actually work together to produce a refinement of story so its parts are coherent and agree.  Likewise any lying or mistakes serve to produce the same result which is that only that which can withstand scrutiny will survive so lying is no worse a way to achieve excellence than truth telling.  Failure to accept this increases suffering.

So, on with the notes.

Jaime sounds coherent, confident and responsible in standing for her research.

Jay reminds us that Walt Disney was the only non- Jewish person to operate a studio outside the Hollywood Babylon system.

Samuel Goldwyn and other Jewish luminaries would tease Disney that he was not welcome at a famous country club and attacked Disney saying his characterization of Stromboli in Pinocchio was a negative stereotype of Jews.

Stanley Kubrick said the only artist in Hollywood was Walt Disney.

I found the following blog interesting because it shows that despite Stanley and Disney having a different view about if one should tell the truth even if it shows negative lifestyles like having sex with young girls in Lolita or the ultraviolence of A Clockwork Orange compared to Walt who wanted to show the brighter side of life they both worked hard to gain the independence to control their business to tell it like they saw it.

Disney's prices to operate tripled when animators unionized. Ofcourse, you can hear and see these animators on youtube say they were worked as slaves and that Disney was mean.
My interpretation of this strike by Disney's animation department is that he was trying to fun a successful business in consideration of the value of his talented animators more than to take advantage of them.  Like today, the left are quick to consider their value to an operation as workers but not so fair in seeing what a leader of a company has to sacrifice.  My sentiment is that the two parties must always put all their cards on the table.  Walt supposedly used what he learned about psychology to persuade his workers to support his leadership by giving more money to who he thought did the best work but this brought him into being attacked by union designed legislation that questions when someone is paid more for a 40 hour work week than another.'_strike

Disney had to put his house up for sale.

Finally, Disney gave up in the 1950's.

That's why he left and made Disneyland.

Jay offers that Disney may have turned to supporting pedophilia but he thinks he just left Hollywood.

Jaime theorizes that Disney was allowed to exist because he gave a positive image to Hollywood to cover the smut image.

Jay says this is impossible because Disney distributed his own films and was free from Hollywood.

Jay says no one that knew Disney talked bad of him that he knows of.
Here is an academic level study of how Disney was and is attacked in the media primarily by Christians and labor unions.

Wow, I couldn't find but one website via a Google search that praises Disney.  Obviously he was well regarded for his work and vision that he was able to communicate complicated controversial subjects to common people via cartoons.  Only Glenn Beck is found who praises this and admits he models himself after this attempt to control his own media outlet - obviously as bloggers we walk in his footsteps.
There is a video of Beck on his Blaze channel at the link above where he states his case.

There is even a video on youtube critiquing CNN and calls Beck "too fucking stupid to consider" and he makes fun of Beck for having no audience and he is mad at CNN for hyping him for this.  Paradoxically Dish network has dumped CNN because they don't feel their viewers watch it which numbers reflect.  This guy who is hateful in tone and words brags about having twice the subscribers as Beck on YouTube which seems like a nobody hating another bigger nobody.


Jay tells the story of how Mickey Mouse was created so Disney would never have to deal with the powerful to get approval in Hollywood ever again.

He moved his studio to Orange county to get away from Hollywood.

Now, Babylon owns Disney.

Jaime looks at Disney's upbringing as dark because he didn't come from a good family life - his dad drank and gambled.

He had to falsify his birth certificate to get into the military.

He made a deal with the FBI to help propaganda efforts if they would help him track down his real parents - this might explain why the characters in his films always come from homes where the parents die, are not there or are abusive.

Jamie Hanshaw mentions there are many books including hers - Weird Stuff that say Disney and Roy were bastard sons but I just see claims and no first hand reports by Walt or others - just stories, speculation. I just mean I haven't seen any evidence directly.

I think this is an important thing to get straight - we need to speak correctly and separate what is speculation and what is evidence supported by video or hand written letters or whatever can be supported with reason; or, the truth seeking alternative media will not be able to out-compete the propaganda from mainstream media - it appears to be a rampant problem in my own behavior and that of most of us - also if the audience is afraid to speak up and challenge stories being offered as facts it doesn't help either.

We have to help each other stay honest.

Here are a list of possible occurrences that suggest Disney was a bastard child and was able to be blackmailed by the FBI to co-operate with war propaganda.

"1890--An attractive spanish woman Isabelle Zamora Ascenslo of Mojacar leaves Spain and travels to California to a Franciscan monastery.

In the same year, but later on In 1890-Walt's future father Elias, who fancies himself a ladies man, leaves his family to seek his fortune in the gold fields. In California, he meets another newcomer to the state, Isabella Ascensio, and the two newcomers in California have much in common, have a sexual affair and fall in love.

1891--Elias fails to make a fortune and returns to Chicago, but he doesn't forget Isabelle.

1893--Isabelle and Elias have a son, and Elias convinces his wife to accept the baby as theirs rather than have the family's reputation, their marriage, and their family ruined. The son doesn't look like the first two boys at all.

1901--Isabelle and Elias have another bastard son, who Elias brings home and names Walter after the minister of the church he attends. The two bastard sons do not look like the older sons of Elias, and they never have much to do with them, but cling to each other as brothers.

1903--The minister of the church Elias attends finds out about the bastard children and Elias quickly moves out of state so that the scandal will remain secret. Elias has also run up gambling debts.

1905--After moving to Marceline, Missouri, Isabelle is hired as the Disney's maid, so that she has an excuse to move in with them without creating suspicions. She probably does much of the raising and care of the two boys.

1918--J. Edgar Hoover is busy involved with the prosecution of draft dodgers in WW I, and it crosses his desk about the case of Walt Disney committing the crime of forging his parents signature to join the army. Cases like Walt's were watched because people who could be blackmailed could be resources in the future for Hoover. That year, Walt discovered that he had no birth certificate. Waft observes his parents strange reactions concerning his birth certificate & other questions, & begins to deeply distrust his father.

Nov. 1938--Walt's mother dies by gas, and the Disney's maid pulls Elias to safety from the fumes, but Walt's mother dies.

1939-40--Hoover offers Walt Disney to help Walt locate his real parents if Walt will work for the FBI. Either Hoover already knows that he is a bastard child, or he soon learns the truth from an investigation. This gives Hoover blackmail power over Walt Disney, and assures Hoover that Waft will be loyal. Hoover informs Walt Disney of the truth, and then moves to generously protect Disney & his father's reputation. Two FBI men plant baptismal information of a child born to Isabelle in 1890 named Jose Guirao in Mojacar, Spain. This date is 10 years off of Walt's birthdate, and is intended to throw people off track. They can't plant a fake birth certificate for Waft in the records for 1901, because everyone knows from WW I that none exists. Therefore, they plant a fake birth certificate for Walt in the Illinois State records in the year 1890. They hope people will think that somehow a filing error occurred. This way if anything leaks, and worst came to worst, Waft could at least pretend he was adopted and is not an illegitimate bastard. They pay off townspeople in Mojacar to tell a particular story. Townspeople probably receive ongoing payments.

1941--Walt confronts his father with the truth, and his father commits suicide, and his real mother comes to live with him as his maid.

1954--In order to reinforce the myth that Walt was born in Spain, a group of Franciscan monks goes to Mojacar and visibly inquires about the birth records of Jose Guirao and/or Walt Disney. They spend time with the mayor and make sure that everyone connects Waft Disney with Jose, who is a fictitious (nominal) character that the FBI has created records of.

1967--A year after Walt's death, a large group of Americans (a large group was needed because they are not skilled like the 2 FBI men in 1940) pretend to be on "official" business for the American government. They go to Majacar Spain to destroy all the records of Jose Guirao to insure that there will be no spanish claimants to Walt Disney's fortune. Later to insure that the fictitious story is solidly in place to mislead the few who might get by the cloud of secrecy over Walt Disney, the Spanish government does a favor to certain powerful people and pays an investigator to investigate the spanish origins of Walt Disney. People of the village willingly tell people without any fear or without any fanfare that Walt Disney was born at their village. Unless they have recently done so, the village has never done anything--no monuments, no markers, or anything about the birth site of Disney. They probably didn't do this for years, because some of the village probably knew it was a lie. With the older people gone, the lie has probably become well entrenched as truth and there is most likely some type of memorial to Walt Disney.


Also, check out Jamie's Weird Stuff vol. 1 to learn more about Disney's involvement with the U.S. military and its mind control propaganda -

Jamie sees a similarity between the childhoods of Walt and Michael Jackson of wanting to recapture the innocence of childhood he did not experience due to an abusive family life.

Jamie claims she can show us declassified documents where Walt was made special agent in charge of U.S. war propaganda.
Its funny, I was looking for documentation to support this topic of Disney becoming an intelligence agent which is well documented but instead I found a job offer to become a spy for Disney Inc. to look for anyway the company is attacked which I guess that is fair - each corporation is a kingdom that must protect itself from sabotage and I hear these people really hate, fear and are paranoid of one another.

Jay feels that J. Edgar Hoover was on a witch hunt for Communist infiltrators in Hollywood and that Disney reported that big names were promoting demoralizing content in media to destabilize America to be taken over by foreign mediators.
Here, you see Jack Valenti who was a long time head of the motion picture association of America

I think you can break down all this hate and blaming of different groups like Zionists or Christian Patriots or Feminists or whatever in two groups - those who believe that the truth and its promotion will help people decide to support the correct choices and those who believe the strong must influence the weak to be tricked into choosing what they have chosen as the correct choice.

Jay highlights how Disney's films are full of Pagan views that are contrary to popular Christian values which support a Jewish worldview of their religion being the system needed to give humans a proper relationship with God above nature.

Jaime shows that Disney's view preferred a view that only being the strongest predator is the way to succeed in life.
Jay agrees this is an acceptable view.

I feel that truth seekers like Jaime fight for their view like I and many do because we agree with this sentiment that we must fight for what is right or else other's and their views will dominate.
When we don't want to see people suffer or die this can cause evil like it did for Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars when he vowed revenge by not accepting the way of life/death - its what makes Christians and other religions dangerous is that they think just because they are trying to do good that they are protected or unable to be bad but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I don't see a disagreement between war and peace - if you meditate you are fighting for control over yourself.

Freeman mentions that Hitler's propaganda minster, Joseph Goebbels praised Disney's ability to communicate with animation.

He goes on to offer that it might have been only when Michael Eisner took over Disney did it become used to mind control the populace with stars like Britney Speers that teach that the value of women is only their physical beauty.

Jay mentions that Disney made alot of mistakes and that when they did make a worthwhile film, in is opinion, like John Carter that it was buried so no one would see it.

Wow, I don't remember hearing of this movie.  Its got a remake of Led Zeppelin's song, Kasmir, which I love like I do the movie Dune that uses mystic Islamic themes.  I'm not afraid to admit I hope that one day I am well trained and my people are attacked so I can defend with wily force and slaughter those who would try to dominante me.  Whether this is because of social programming or is my natural response who knows but I am unafraid to admit I want to be a champion for good honest people who are attacked - I'll be the underdog.

This movie is similar to Guardians of the Galaxy in that a representative of Earth fights along aliens.  This is probably the actual reality we are being groomed for just as the character Tron and the gladiators of Rome before him for the games.  Who the hell can distinguish fantasy from reality is a better intellect or intuitive than I.

Jay mentions that the radical left has a perverted view on sex they push on people in order to gain access to the promises of Marxism. He feels Disney didn't like this and so he made his films to counter this.

Jaime mentions that Disney's studio was taken over by the military after the attack on Pearl Harbor and used to propagate the war.

Jay mentions that Jay was forced to do this.

Walt worried he couldn't make money being forced to make war propaganda.

Jamie mentions Walt had nervous breakdowns due to work stress and handed his business over to his brother Roy and the government paid to send him to South America and make nature films.

Jay used to live next to Michael Jackson's Wonderland ranch and he doubts that Michael abused the children that visited him.

The children say Michael never touched him. When Michael was arrested by Santa Barbara police and asked to strip to look at his penis to see if it was as described by the supposed victim they let him go with no charges and its surmised that he had mutilted his genitals so he could not have been able to have sex.

Jay critiques Disney for his idea that he could make a fake version of nature and history with his parks.

Jamie mentions that people from Stanford Research Institute were asked to come out and place his carousel at the park on a leyline to harness the power of nature in the ritual of people attending his park.

Freeman suggests Disney's goal could have been to teach people that we are Magi taught not to think of ourself as magically connected to nature and that's what he was selling in his art.

Freeman asks Jay what he thinks about synchronicity.

Jay describes how often this happens to him and that when he is in doubt he looks for signs to show him he is on the right path.

Jay mentions his friend Robert Lawler who is a Vedic scholar and how Kalki was returning. Jay waited for 20 years for this to happen and wondered if it might not.

Jay talked with Robert about this question being a good idea for a film.

The sign that confirmed this project was a good idea was that he was at a comic book store and he looked for synchronicity and he saw a comic entitled, The Adventure of Kalki.

Jamie asks if Jay thinks Kalki is real and on the earth.

Jaime asks what his characteristics are. Jay answers that he is to speak truth to power in an aggressive physical way without teaching in preparation for the coming of Kali who will destroy the power of war and female submission to dominate the planet.

Jamie asks if Jay could be Kalki.

He shares that his wife jokes about this being possible and that his film has been allowed because he suggest Kali could be Caucasian.

He wonders if we could be people that are re-incarnated from Lemuria to help this come to pass.

Freeman mentions the film, The Green Beautiful (La belle verte), where people before they are born are questioned by others who think that those who choose to come to earth in this time are crazy for going through the pain and risk of their own de-evolution of their soul to sacrifice themselves to help humanity go up a level in spiritual advancement rather than be destroyed by their material addictions.

This movie looks to be good in that it does what French films do best which is to show us that nature is weird compared to how we are taught to see order as what nature is.  The EU banned it so that will help its acceptance by intellects.  Its about aliens saving us which is probably what Lucifer is and I probably would see myself on his team since I value critical thinking.

Jay mentions the people that saw the movie, Avatar, who were depressed because they want to live in a nature friendly world instead of corporate government wealth extraction should consider that they do live in this world and they have to fight to make it so instead of lament that the world is abused.
Jamie agrees with Jay that we are brought here for this purpose and welcomes him as on the same team which I feel is a worthwhile statement because the truth movement is egotistical and in fights to a degree that severely impairs our work.

I say this is not naieve but is the child's mind we have to have to dare to want seemingly impossible departures from the norm of fear domination.

Jay feels we should appreciate that we are feared by the control force that is withering and leaving us more than controlling us - its all on auto-pilot now and we can grab the yoke and pull up from disaster - its more about what we do than what has been done to enslave us.

Freeman mentions that this is why he made the Friendhip Agenda social network based on friendship being the currency that replaces money as it fails as is designed so chaos can be used to subdue the good.

Jay mentions that we need to move in self sustainable communities that will make the mainstreamers jealous of what we have.

Crowdfunding is suggested by Freeman as proof that we are figuring out how to negotiate this unstable time. We are seeing the proof that many can give a little to a shared endeavor and reap a maximum reward which is that the same people that make a solution are its customers which is called a co-operative. - top 10 crowdfunding sites by traffic rank.

Jay's site Sacred Mysteries is promoted as is the Last Avatar film that opens in Boulder, Co. on Dec. 6th as well as his Kubrick's Odyssey 3 will be coming out at the beginning of 2015.


Jay is also coming out with a film about the earth disaster 26,000 years ago that caused people to be detached from the nature focused culture with its shamen and replaced by the culture of law.

Freeman asks Jay how GaiamTV is going since he is the program director.

There is a new show with David Wilcock. They obtained the Mystic Fire library.

He is about to break off his Seeking Truth channel and asks us to offer a better name for this tv network that will continue in the vein that it is.

Freeman wishes he had worked with Jay to find a channel to show the travels in his bus that he and Jaime went on and found friends all over that supported his dream and he theirs.

He ends being excited about the possiblity that we can be our own media outlets thanks to the tools of the internet.

Please feel free to share any comments or links to what you find valuable. Thanks for reading.

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