Friday, December 5, 2014

"...bottoms up and the devil laughs." That's all you need to know about Monster Energy drink.

I was already familiar with this info about how the M on the Monster energy drink can is actually 666 in Hebrew and I learned that from Freeman Fly over at

but I finally watched this Christian woman do a great job of expanding on this.  I saw this thumbnail and knew it was to make fun of it by the context and it wasn't until I heard Isaac Weishaupt mentioned it during a podcast over at .


This guy reacts:


but here's Freeman originally live at the Free Your Mind Conference 2.

This year that awesome conference is this upcoming April 10th - the 12th.


These are loose notes of this podcast so most of this is either the exact words, my thoughts or a paraphrase of what Greg Carlwood who hosts it at or his guest Isaac Weishaupt of said.

They won't let Freeway Rick Ross talk to kids at college but they'll let rappers who rap about selling drugs talk to em'.

Satanic Occultism is what gangsta rap is all about.

Slavery destroys the human psyche.

Black history month is bs. Its American History - why isn't black history part of that?

It is designed to re-ignite trauma.

Does this mean that the rest of the months are white history?

Everyone is bred to be afraid of this topic of how people are pushed around by race.

Before Gangsta Rap it was us all against the man.

Then it was Murder was the case and all this gun toting manufactured gangster crap that white people now regurgitate.

3/4 of gangster rap albums were sold to white people.

This music celebrates the destruction of not just the black community but us all through Satanism of which all these Jay Z Rockefeller tools are into. - my words

Then brothers could go to the record industry and rap whatever they told them to which is thug life to keep them down in slave/prison life.

I'm against that and for strong, independent happy free black people like the rest of us. - (my words)

All this programming is aimed toward kids.

They want everyone to lust after the youth like Aleister Crowley did in his pedo sex magic.

It gains energy for the psycho controllers.

Against the earth via humanity.

The middle class is dying.

Everyone is so drugged out and zombified through debt they can't watch after their kids.

There is a spell put on Dr. Dre's Beats headphones.

They are not that good but people buy them.

Apple bought the company.

Monster is the brand with the devil horns that made the headphones.

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