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John Lash on Red Ice 12/16/2014 - John Lash - Kalika War Party: Reemergence of the Warrior Class - Notes & Discussion.

Description as pictured above at RedIceCreations.

"John Lash has been a regular guest on Red Ice Radio since 2008, sharing the discoveries of his collective studies in the fields of directive and sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, the World Ages, belief systems, and his radical revision of Gnosticism. He has also delved deeply into the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia and introduced the term Archon to the discourse of humanity. Mr. Lash returns to the program to announce the formation of the Kalika War Party, a band of self-selected men and women volunteers whose goal is “to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt system that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid.” John explains how his exploration of the Parsifal myth and the Holy Grail question, “What ails thee?” led him to conceive of the KWP entity. We consider the wounded species of humanity and the suffering caused by the psychopaths who are leading our world to demise. Then, John describes how the use of magic and shamanism will shape the operations of the KWP, and reminds us of the true abilities of the shaman, which can be to heal as well as eliminate. Later, John gets into the social evils of mind control, the domestication and pacification of humanity in the name of Christianity, the elite’s control of the narrative, and the gruesome, murderous, destructive attacks that have been carried out by the USA and those who control it, against all living beings and the earth itself. Then, John talks about the meaning of the Thunderbird Formation, the symbol for the KWP, and the reemergence of the Warrior Class. At the end, we examine the true violent tendencies of man, the popularity of war games, and the inevitable downfall of feminism."


The following are questions John brings up.

Who hurt you?

This is the question Percival must ask of the Grail King - the old wounded guard.

Buddhism does not distinguish between suffering one can't change versus self imposed suffering when it says all is suffering.

So, the mission of the Kalika War Party is to deal with what can be changed.

Sounds like the Serenity Prayer that is heard at any AA meeting to me.  I have it up in my house - I'm not an alcoholic.

John has spoken about how he was heavily involved with AA in the 80's in regard to writing its by laws I believe.

Interesting.  I went to Alateen with my Mom when I came to live with her after my folk's divorce when I was 9 in '85.

Basically, John is saying that if we don't eliminate the people that don't want to let change happen then we will fail.

He says that magic is one of the ways to attack them.

This is a gathering open to all people on the planet.

The goal is to eliminate psychos and enemies of life.

Man, this is scary just me writing these words I will tell you that.

I want to live.  I don't want to attack anybody.

I'm listening to this for the second time since last night and I'm curious to see where this goes.

The time for video game playing and undisciplined protest is over.

The Kalika War Party is a planetary strike force comprised of men and women volunteers who self-select into 17 bands. A common aim unites the warriors in the Party: to strike offensively against all variations of the evil and corrupt System that works against life, truth, freedom, beauty, sanity, and the spirit of mutual aid. To this end, Kalika warriors are prepared to neutralize or eliminate the key agents who run the System at the executive levels, as well as their minions and accessories, when necessary. In this way, the KWP intends to bring down the System and prevent its recovery, once and for all.


Someone on Facebook also posted the Red Ice podcast with John and a woman replied that John had a "creepy sexual predator vibe".  

I understood what she meant, the personal reflection, the way John gets deep into gnosis.

I also noticed that is a nugget of IN-Formation to look closer at and I posted this response.
"creepy sexual predator vibe" That is an important concept to delve into around the whole topic of perceived power differentials between men and women, people and their higher selves, etc.

John obviously has that tone as part of a genuine communion with source through applied intelligence on the one hand.

This gets us to the dual needs to create an individual self that can merge with the higher frequency self; but, this self can be egotistical and arrogant and fear being impurified by the dirty world of idiocy we are all soaking in to some degree.

I think if you asked John, he would admit to being a sexual predator if we look at sex in its larger context - how nature and desires feed off our lives just as we feed off of plants and animals.

Not even God can resist going on the hunt. According to the Gnostic story based on how it has been relayed to me by people like John, God wanted more than silent perfection and so created the physical realm and learns through our perspective; so, the greatest needs the least.

Gaia broke the taboo of not lusting after her own creation according to John's view of the Nag Hammadi text and so she was smitten and thus merged with the earth.

Would it not be Babylon that God needs most to learn through not having God?

So we must be where we need to be.

We certainly don't want this Satanic Ritual Abuse to continue but the good folk need to get better aquanted with how everyone is bound - even the gods.

Question: Does directing hate and pledging to destroy evil and attaching it to Zionism project our desire to have an outside force to hate which covers our involvement in crime?

My gut tells me we must rush in to assist in using the rainbow warrior idea.

Obviously, the U.N. and the people getting into dmt and entheogens are also going with this shaman warrior idea.

So, who to trust?

Because the history of revolutions is that they fail.

The central bankers want revolution because after the heavy lifting and dying happens they step in to help people figure out where to go.

If we are not in a house of mirrors paradox, we aren't even on the truth battlefield/peace picnic area. Good place to be with you good people.

I'm really torn. John identifies what Carl Jung calls the tension of the opposites to be the cause of insanity.

We can certainly see that its bogus for religions and the states that are still connected to them to sell us peace and seek to achieve it by war.

Is not John falling into this same trap? Or is this a true paradox?

For me paradox is the fundamental purpose of people - to choose between two choices you can't decide between.

That's what I felt confronted with the first time I did acid.

Like the universe is electricity and you're gonna be put on the gaming grid. That is the honest sexual predator relationship we have in one sense.

We were made for a purpose. Just like we make bullets and toilet paper - to use.

If we do not reconcile ourselves that this is occurring on one level and see that as we travel through psycho drama then we will cause suffering to ourselves and others.

Its nothing personal, literally. Its nothing of God. We are like that toilet paper recording what comes out of God's ass.

We do a great job. God was not being mean when he built us for this purpose. Deep shit. Ha Ha!

I don't want to be abused, right? Nobody should.

Yet, we do it to ourselves in the end and we can un do it.

If none of us are perfect then we all make imperfect choices ALL of the time, yes?

That imperfection causes pain, the great howl of nothingness that is eating away at the totality; but this same nothingness is so deadly it kills itself and is not from here.

We are God's only view into this physical realm.

The Neo-Cortex.

We are both the victim and perpetrators of the violent collision between God and anti-Christ.

There are an infinity of events between the singularity and the totality and its the scintillation where its all happening now and forever.

What we know now we feel and it changes the world.

I know that we can live as Christ commands, as reason demands that we realize that we change the world as it creates us along with the source that we recognize - what is whatever really about, we ask?

The Disciple is the Master. That perspective is ours, it is a gift in its imperfections whose common factor is the source code that originates it.

That crystal ball is you and me.

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