Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can conscious consumerism fix corporate/government greed?

I wanted to share the excitement I had opening a package in the mail today.

Inside are these cool socks for my young Son that help him understand we should choose to help others to show thanks for our blessings.

I think that the easiest way to reverse the trend of destroying nature and ourselves through our material addiction is to substitute products.

For example: I may not be able to go without sugar today but I could substitute Stevia.  This leads to better health by getting back into harmony with nature.

Eventhough, there is a system of enslavement the human race has been in for a long time - we are held there by our choices and can free ourselves by our choices.  The people at the top of the corporate government pyramid are service providers - we can go elsewhere for our wants and needs and should.

A lesson to those interested in internet marketing is that I found this company because they followed me on Twitter.

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