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SRA Today with Jay Parker - Show Notes 12/15/2014

Jay Parker

Evidently, this channel on BlogTalk Radio is called Type1RadioAshram
and SRA Today with Jay Parker is one of the shows on there.

Here's the show synopsis as seen above:

"Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational Satanic/Illuminati family and received MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child. For the first seven years of his life, Jay was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse in a large cult setting. On the radio show SRA Today Jay will be speaking on recovery and healing methods for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. He will discuss in detail new neurological and biological discoveries related to ritual abuse and life in general. SRA Today will engage a multitude of topics and guests, listeners are welcomed to call in347 996 5515 or Skype"

This is the first time I have heard this podcast. I am familiar with Jay Parker. I think the first time I heard about him was through discussing orgonite that he makes for sale.

Orgonite & Illuminati Mind Control

The current protest (what I feel to be a race manufactured false revolution that serves the central bankers but the left likes to see as real like Occupy.  Is adding punks throwing maltov cocktails a solution to police brutality?  I don't think so.
The riots against the police state triggered by Michael Brown and Eric Garner are the typical way the Zionists use their mainstream media to trick the masses of people to call for violent revolution as a means to address the problem of Zionists ruling us via their central banking run governments.  They are half responsible for weakening our universal struggle as people of earth to be free by turning this into a black victim advertisement.  The Zionists are masters of controlling race politics and ensuring that they are the richest minority in the world so if you fight for women, gays, blacks or whatever to compete and win against white men then you lose because you can't compete against your fellow humans and achieve freedom.  That is an us vs. them mindset and is the essence of what it means to be Satanic.  Its the submissive form of supremacy.

I would say that even in addressing Zionism which is what is responsible for this constant march toward world war 3 that suits Israel itself is like touching a live wire because if we blame others for our enslavement instead of use this to break free from conditioning that we are still stuck in the trap of the blame game that brings deep shame upon us.

We are of Mother nature and Father God so we are both the creation and the destruction.  John Lash whom I will mention more later is one of the leaders in addressing the problem of geo-politics in this regard, I feel, as well as forming a defensive earth steward warrior solution but, to me,  even his gnostic intel contains the same archontic infection we all do.  The archons are a result of Gaia/Sophia merging her path with that of life on earth so the artificial intelligence is not only something to stop from destroying earth as we continue to get sucked into the matrix via our touchscreen devices but to be accepted and appreciated as part of the evolution of life in the universe in my opinion.  Anyone that knows martial arts knows you can't block and destroy such a powerful force - only re-direct it.  Some do so in perversion away from nature, others toward harmony - such is the practice of alchemy.

Ok, so Jay is a poster child for how there is a behavior called Satanic Ritual Abuse and how he has survived it to become a strong loving advocate helping lead us all through the darkness of truth that dare to enter.

I'm familiar with this topic and its pretty impossible to shock me.  I went to a catholic school in Apple Valley, California as a youth.  I was suspended for cruelly throwing a jacket of this girl who was a tattle tale who used her victim role to exert abusive control as an agent of the established order of authority figures on others as she herself was the result of teasing.  Its such a vicious cycle how meanness is spread to children by other children who come from abusive environments and from adults directly ofcourse.

The principle of this school had me and another boy stop our punishment work of throwing away trash in a dumpster and took us across the street to a Whataburger for lunch.  I thought it was strange at 11 years old but nothing else happened or so I thought.  He was sizing us up for sexual abuse and he chose the other boy whom my mother later told me was abused and it caused a mass exodus of children over to a protestant christian school that was insane in other ways.

This was one of these situations where private schools are preferred by a population that is dealing with forced racial integration and inferior public schools that are youth prisons essentially teaching how to become addicted to drugs and gangs only to be turned onto religious mind control and bred for the military and the corporate grind.

Children are pure till they are damaged and yet its the damaged people that are the only ones who can become strong enough to stand against a system of abuse - such is how nature operates.

I can see similarities in Jay's catholic upbringing and my own until I went to public school in the 8th grade.  Paradoxically, it makes one develop discipline with attention to detail and scholarship if they can break free from the need to join a system for self confidence.

I have been pretty lost in between going along with the rat race and not having the discipline to self organize and go my own way that I have wanted to do - constantly trying to break free from Imperial conditioning by putting what I want in view and attaining it.

There is always an out of the frying pan into the next fire path in this truth seeking gig.  One might check out scientology because it seduces one with the promise that they will develop critical thinking to see past the mis-use of psychology to keep people in a victim mentality only to make agents that serve the new religion, the same with fake grassroots movements such as Occupy, Anonymous and ofcourse joining law systems of the government wanting to be on the good folk's team.

Here's an example of how evil works.  There definitely is Satanic Ritual Abuse as info about secret society hazing and date rape parties at your local Fraternity house and how the family court system and adoption system is as much a place to trade children amongst abusers as some dark part of the internet that the show _To Catch a Predator_ is helping to combat along with police.  Law enforcement just goes after lower level crime to hide the systemic corruption of the external government system.

Also, super scary topics like mind control and sexual abuse can be used to demonize innocent people.  In the 1980's the fear of kidnapping was popularized by a tv special called Adam which lead to special abuse divisions of the police leading children to blame their parents for abuse in the manner of a medieval witch hunt or like the play _The Crucible_ by Arthur Miller that revisted the subject of the Salem Witch Trials in order to discuss McCarthyism which sought to deal with Communist infiltration via Hollywood in the 50's.

This is how difficult this world of truth seeking is.  The truth is like a gun, it can protect you until you accidentally shoot yourself with it.  This high risk/low return on investment keeps most intelligent caring people away from the scary truth and staring at their tablet computers instead understandably but I think that there are no short cuts or easy ways out in the long run in both a material and spiritual sense in how to live correctly.

Whistleblower In Prison For Exposing CIA Torture

The CIA agent who blew the whistle is named John Kiriakou

Torture or even what law protects as enhanced interrogation is not a tool that one can use without becoming a terrorist themselves.  A person will say anything and are lead to say what interrogators ask information about.  Common sense would see this.  Its right up there with other madness like using drone strikes that kill innocents in the middle east and then saying we've got to stop woman from having acid thrown in their face like some satanic wall st. bull in a chinese sweatshop.

Democracy is demon-ocracy.  The Republic is schizoid acting like nature is X in California but Y in Arkansas - this is why weed legalization is not progress if its given as a whim of the central banker government and does not represent the will of the people.

I agree with Karen Hudes that we don't want to waste time with war crimes tribunals to imprison our mis-leaders instead of focusing on fixing the damage they and we as followers have caused but we don't want the same corrupt government that profited by the war on drugs to now run legal drugs and have Monsanto genetically modify cannabis to make it Frankenstein better and they retain control.

Here you can see members of the political left discuss how the BRICS nations are developing an alternative to the U.S. petro-dollar that is manufactured for the purpose of creating a debt that cannot be repaid by central fractional reserve banking run by the World Bank.

"BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The grouping was originally known as "BRIC" before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010." - Wikipedia
My question is if external government via corporate paper law uses purposely confusing legalese language to create a high priest class whose only purpose can be disempowering humanity both in its individual and community forms why not just use digital currency that is an open source platform that can be operated and understood by anyone and everyone?

This is where you get to a centerpoint of truthseeking again.  Who can you trust?  Yourself?  We have alot of malware installed on us just like our personal computers are insecure so?  I guess we have to accept our imperfections as part of sacred design.

Anonymous endorses the video I'm about to share - I am totally not in support of their practice of having people wear Guy Fawkes masks.  Guy Fawkes was a dupe who was blamed for being a terrorist trying to blow up the English parliament.  The same is true of all of us that try to seek truth and it is certainly part of the Jesuit/CIA plan to blame us for declaring martial law throwing all the radicals of the left, center, and right into the new American Revolution funeral pyre that is as much an ad platform for Chevrolet as anything.

In this video you'll see Max Kaiser who is a well known economist who Alex Jones directly acuses of being who invented bitcoin which is a possible disinformation trojan horse to muddy the valid notion of an alternative to physical or government or corporate run money that has unnecessary fees that new tech has reduced the cost to operate.

If you can help me figure out if digital currency is valid, which one to prefer and why and how to make an honest profit from promoting an affiliate program to aid its adoption please share this in the comment section.

Stingray is discussed by Jay which is an electronic box that allows local police to put up a cell tower for the purpose of capturing communication for the purpose of investigation which ofcourse brings up privacy concerns.

My understanding of the National Security Administration which is what runs the police state against its manufactured terrorism and drug wars and openly declares individual humans as their enemy because their goal is to control everything as a means to provide security.  The basic justification of external government is that someone has to run everything so they basically justify being a bigger mafia than the mafia to stop mafias.

This topic gets into a core of philosophy, metaphysics and science where you can't measure events in the physical universe without affecting them and being affected by them.  We are both the good and bad guys if you want to look at it that way and both in and outside of everything and nowhere.

Jay mentions the above meme and how this advice that you hear going around now concerning the riot/police state protesting and how it was said by the NAZI's to their people before they killed 11 million of them in war.

The NAZI's worked directly with Jews and many officers were Jews.  The Jewish people like the rest of us have constantly been abused by their own leadership as well as any host country they have depended upon.

Jews that had been living peacefully along with arabs in Palestine were displaced by the European Jews that the Rothschilds used as pawns to take ownership of Israel to rule the world by that the world leaders support in their wars with them playing both enemy and ally.

Edwin Black discusses how the National Socialists under Hitler made a pact with Jewish Palestine to re-locate Jews to Israel.

By the way, I just search Google to find sources that discuss the topics mentioned on podcasts like SRA Today with Jay Parker.

I check what comes up and if it fits my understanding and the topic at hand I share it.  This guy, I don't know is discussing the question - (paraphrased) "Where are the citizens and those in government asking where to draw the line between going with the flow and standing up against a fascist regime which is what is running the world's governments?

Just Following Orders

There are groups like Oathkeepers and whistleblowers but with all this stuff we need to develop specific strategies and goals.

Like it only takes 3-5% of people to stand for something for it to be adopted by 10% and then it becomes the dominant action - this is a natural dynamic.  So, we need realistic goals like counting who is for liberty and self rule of the people vs. the central bankers?  Scientific metrics for the road ahead.

Hemp being illegal in the U.S. is discussed by Jay.

Here you can see a man and his horses bringing in the hemp harvest that made America strong industrially featured on a $10 U.S. reserve note.

Chemergy is discussed by Eric Pollitt of Global Hemp with Rob Dew of
The other side of that dollar bill picture above shows the smoke stacks of Henry Ford's Detroit industry.  The idea was to supply chemicals for the manufacturing industry from agriculture.  Sadly, this was de-railed and is why we all are wearing toxic petro-chemical textiles in our clothes and upholstery and have Bayer the aspirin company putting drugs into agriculture products.

Jay discusses how fear of black men was used to get people to prohibit marijuana (calling it marijuana instead of cannabis used fear of Mexicans) and tax it as part of the organized crime fake crackdown that became part of war against the people both in world wars and in social issue wars.

This is where this history gets tough if you ask me.

People hating races and coraling them and allowing unfair immigration for some over others is all a bad idea and is part of the slave trade we're all guilty for when you get down to it.

Race is not to be used a club to beat white people, black, brown, yellow, or red people with but it is by the media and people that follow it like with this recent Ferguson crap.  Michael Brown went for the cops gun and caused his own death sadly.

Shame on the people that ignorantly use their neglect of available information to determine that while there is an attack on black people and we are in a police state that its not white males fault anymore than it is all our fault thank you very little white privilege and white guilter CNN left wing people minions of Zionist Barbara Spectre's multi-culturalism where she admits that the Jews have a special role in integrating the world for their purpose of Zionism.

Likewise, if cops pick on black people its because they are responsible for 71% of robberies, 54% of homicides and 34% of rape.  Who is?  1.8% of the population that are black males aged 20 - 29.

Blaming white people exclusively for this is stupid and dangerous.  Only 1% of whites in the south had slaves.  The first slave owner was a free black slave.  Arabs and Jews sold the black Africans to plantation owners.  You don't see Asians having trouble with police so it doesn't help to do this white guilt crap.

Its actually love for black skinned people as my brothers and sisters in humanity to ask them to stop defending those that are acting like thugs and to ask white skinned people and Christians to take care of their own damn business and quit committing suicide through incorrectly thinking they are helping others while killing themselves.

I know black lives matter and I don't need to be told it - tell that to Michael Brown's Dad inciting a riot - he sure as funk failed his son.  Get outta here with your Illuminati Helter Skelter race bait.

If Al Sharpton is doing it, it aint cool.  Least you could do is get Snoop and Dre. out there with a million Lowrider March or something if your gonna get your Lyin' Zion Eyes starstruck in the media limelight.

Its the same moonbeam they pointed over at the Occupy camp the girls were getting raped in next to the broken needles.

Heck I smoked a doob with some Black Blocer and I can't stand violent anarchists but it was a good talk - we're all in a bullshit rich environment.

This is a part of the Satanic mindset that is worth keeping in my opinion - just as much as we are all connected as one universe we must also cut ties with bullshit lies - I can see through the disguise.  I'm Luke Skywalker cutting the mask of Darth Vader to reveal my own face daily.  I've got nothing to apologize for.

When I condemn the negative side of racially promoted behavior like how hip hop has become gangster rap promoting gang banging instead of the original Sugar Hill Gang stuff about getting out of that situation then I'm calling it out as Zionist crap.

Like Flav r Flav with his Satan/Saturn Kronos Crown and his goldberg slave chains.

Comedy Central with Stewart and Colbert and this Interview movie - all left wing Hollywood CIA Jesuit Fox News Phoenecian Zion Vatican assassin stuff.

I praise or critique my race or another's race with the same observation skills and desire to pay respect.  Respecting my enemy and respecting my self are the same thing - those that lie like lambs for Zion.

Its scary to think about to me a little but cops don't have anything to apologize for either - there is a need for death as much as life.  If they wanna be NAZI stormtroopers they will die like stormtroopers I suppose.  I hope there are those inside that would oppose the military order and know there are.  I know more will wake up though and others will be the obedient dogs for Henry Kissenger's ilk, the witches at black masses, the war chiefs only have the power if you let em.

Recess is over.  All protestors must now smell the glove of BS as Spinal Tap commands for their ultra sillyness.

Jack Black commands you re-familarize yourself with the lyrics of the song Warpigs.

  1. Song by Black Sabbath
  2. Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerers of death's construction
    In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds
    Oh lord yeah!
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor
    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait 'til their judgement day comes
    Now in darkness world stops turning
    Ashes where the bodies burning
    No more war pigs at the power
    Hand of God has struck the hour
    Day of judgement, God is calling
    On their knees the war pig's crawling
    Begging mercy…

If we really do want peace we will have to hold ourselves and others accountable with discipline and forgive ourselves and others which is what the Christian cross means(red male fire vertical discipline line meeting blue female horizontal forgiveness line) which is evident in culture all around the world and is of nature, religion as well as science can only recognize these things and essences.

Here's a symbol using sacred geometry that expresses this well:

I want to take a moment to share my thanks for my exposure to Sukyo Mahikari and the wonderful people I met through my brief connection to that group.  I really liked the info but it was too much for me to care for this necklace they consider your symbolic and literal connection to God through your third eye.  For me, I appreciate Yoshikazu Okada's vision that came during a fever he had.  Anyway, there are many of these new Japanese religions that integrate Shintoism, Buddhism and Shamanism into a mono-theism based on one's connection through to your soul in your mind in your body and it forsaw this time of social and environmental upheaval as a baptism by fire as we lift the veil into the spirit world and face our fears with love and help showing the way to those wanting to help nature by fostering and sharing our sacred light in order to create paradise on earth as we survive calamity.  Its a real experience in the many ways that the Chi force of Star Wars is totally real.

We're gonna have to shake hands with the anti-christ.

In regard to cannabis becoming accepted and used for medicine, industry and nutrition more than just recreationally I want to demand that my peers start demanding that we use it more responsibly.  What's the point of ditching external government only to bow down to Lord Bhang by smoking all the time and not creating with it and being around negative gangster rap 666 Mafia vibes.  Do you hear anyone call for responsible use?

We all have these glaring hypocricies that must be addressed.  Mark Passio whom I feel I know and love though I don't know him personally and have been heavily inspired by his work at concerning natural law anarchy and so much more.

One can go on all day about how meat eaters are not friends of nature which he does but me and the paleo hunter gatherer mindset folk will disagree but he can come across as high and mighty to my ears to.  People would say the same of me about whatever I'm sure.

Half the time I want to save humanity and the other half flush it down the toilet.  That's understandable.

John Lash says this is a signature of being overtaken by the Archontic virus of cognitive dissonance - holding two opposite views simultaneously which is seen as impossible.

He is certainly right to ask what kind of God do the Abrahamic books of faith worship?  Looks like Satan is God.  How can they teach love but fight war and see themselves as chosen?

Good question John and for me - do I see myself as superior?  Do we all do this by taking stances that seem to pit us against the rest of humanity?

Karen Hudes is full of this spirit in her "I'm not gonna take any crap from anybody" attitude I saw in her RT appearances.

I find primal scream therapy a good way to get out anger in a positive way.

This kind of stuff like Jay wearing orgonite is what I'm interested in about him and his show.  Good lord, we are all traumatized, how do we deal with this satanic jungle boogie in our hearts, bodies and minds?

Jay's Ed McMahon for this show (Just kidding - he's the Producer of Type1RadioAshram)  is a guy that goes by the title Swami which means he has been recognized for his hard work in getting to know our Oneness in God through self love and work and sharing that with others.  He seems to be a former journalist from what I'm hearing and has a great positive succinct down to earth energy and shows the advantages that come with a meditative lifestyle in not letting people get your goat which I could sure use more of.

I first saw him in the instant message chatango used over at the Free Zone Live podcasts on Saturday at 7 PM Central Time U.S.  Its cool, you can chat with Freeman, his wife, Jaime Hanshaw along with guests and other audience members while you listen to the initial airing of the interview recorded earlier that day, I believe, which is a unique experience.

This is what is so cool about how the internet is helping us be humanity as one mind, body and soul because its both the tech that brings you together and the content of the exchange and one's own conscious recognition that we are a human family that makes such a notion leap off the page and into the anthropos and thus causes change in the world which is what this dawning of the magical age of Aquarius is all about.

He's cool and I guess he's got his own podcast feautured above that I'm going to check out next.

Ok, so cannabis and the need to make it fully available continues and this just brings up the elephant in the room in truthseeking geo-political study circles.

When is Judgement Day going to come?

Basically, we have to stop following the narrative and feeling dis-empowered and take a legal action as well as mass civil disobedience to declare that we are running our own lives thank you very little Akhenaton coneheads and your central bank.

Do you see what I'm trying to accomplish here audience?

I'm weaving together my gnosis with that of other's online.  Its like I'm putting together a puzzle of all the pieces we need to get this engine, this vehicle known as the love train to function at peak performance by connecting what has been made available.  We can't help but connect the dots of these different info sources and to not share our notes is a real loss for us all.  It helps us get to paradise quicker.

In that respect, I just heard last night 12/25/14 this show over at

Robert does a great job of answering my need for a People's Intelligence Agency.  He being a spy for the CIA is a benefit to learning about what works in applying what we learn.  We're agents of the private corporate government technically anyway.  The way I figure it the only difference between the military and civilians is they know they are at war or are on a peace mission.  We act like we're kids left at the day care while the adults run things half the time.  We don't have to be uptight but we do need to realize each one of us is like a God that should work together directly as a team to get things done and be ourselves fully.

Robert David Steele | Open Source Everything, Upgrading Society, & Building The World Brain

Today’s powerhouse of a guest, Robert David Steele, grew up all over the world as the son of an oil engineer – witnessing colonialism and predatory capitalism up close and personal. He’s been a marine core infantry officer, a CIA spy, and even had a brief presidential campaign in 2012 with the Reform party. A man who has been an insider, served the system, yet has emerged like a white knight from the deep, dark, belly of the beast to become the CEO of Open Source Solutions, and a voice for what could and should be the next evolution of human society….the blueprint of which is largely laid out in his book: The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust
Check out Robert’s Public Intelligence Blog here:
Also, you can Robert’s latest book (only $8 on Kindle) on Amazon here:
Here's an awesome recipe to try some hemp for nutrition - you get the same protein and superior necessary fats in a nutty taste as a breast of chicken but in a little handfull of hemp... in a chocolate smoothie?
Get outta town. That's an easy decision.

While you're at it, check this out:

You can use a mason jar with a blender!?!

I bet more healthy hemp smoothies are gonna happen.

I'm going to go ahead and put this up live and add the rest in a later post that I will put the link below here and it will be next on my blog.  Please

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