Monday, December 1, 2014

What if Charles Manson was framed? How can truth seekers support each other against psycho controllers?

This will blow your mind that Charles Manson was framed because the central banker government knew not fitting in is a threat to their control over us.

I never intended to support Mr. Manson but please look at the evidence. He was not allowed to represent himself in court.

He was given a lawyer with no experience.

President Nixon declared him a murderer before the trial started - how is that fair?

He was never charged with murder.

Jesus is not some special man. Anytime a person figures out to love everyone as equals they are a threat to a system that judges people.

YOU give them the power to judge others when they are the criminals that run the world.

Charles didn't create those lost children that followed him. This Satanic society did.

Now, there are many many more people who see the emperor has no clothes and just want to be left alone by the system.

They can't control us all and are afraid of us. No matter what lies the tv says, the psycho controllers are losing their power.

Charles started the re-vitalization of the Mother Earth activism movement that is currently being taken over by the U.N. and Al Gore and his lies that he is helping the earth with a carbon trading scheme that is the new green stock market.

"ATWA (an acronym for Air, Trees, Water, Animals and All The Way Alive) stands for the uncompromising ecological mandate propounded by the infamous American convict Charles Manson. ATWA names the interrelated life support systems of the EarthCharles Manson and his associates, most notably Lynette Fromme and Sandra Good, use the term to name the forces of life which hold the balance of the Earth.[1]"


Don't trust me. Watch this and be blown away.

This is just a situation we're all in. We recognize truth or do not. So be it.

Like the idea that there is a justice system that judges if people are guilty of crimes but lets the real criminals run the world?  That's crazy.  Why are there so few of us that speak against this?

I guess nature runs this and one day it will just occur that more people think like I and others do and that will become the dominate way people behave.

Its all as weird to me as it is to anyone I suppose.

I love you for who you are and work to respect it whether I like it or not and I pledge to be more honorable with my word and my devotion to living as we were intended to be part of nature and not agents of this property system.

You can be a steward of the land and represent it. No man can represent you.

That is a dangerous game of monopoly we play with paper law.

Corporate law depends on your will to give it power.

The kinds of criminals that are in prison are not to blame for the horror that goes on in this world. Yes, they do bad things but they are not the cause of why people destroy themselves in self hate through drug and alcohol abuse or suicide or have poisoned gmo food to eat.

This society is based on the worship of death and the control of physical life of all kinds in a slave trading system of debt.

Most people go along with that so they can get toys from Santa.

Maybe they'll win a car from Oprah is their mentality.

They don't see that the same Fox News that gives to a charity in Ferguson, MO. threatens anyone that questions authority by knowing how to read words on a website.

They want to say people like me are terrorists for correctly questioning authority.

People need to be in charge of themselves and love one another.

The corporate government can't assist with that.

There is a corruption in the people and the corporate government to believe that kind of relationship is possible. They are trying to tell us how to live life and run that. Its just not possible and only horror can result.

This awakening of humans can not be stopped.

Its connected to a 26,000 Great Year celestial cycle.

We're moving back toward a UNITY environment.

We won't fight each other so much if nature starts shaking the world apart which has happened many times to cultures much more physically and spiritually advanced than ours.

We have record of it.

I'm thankful I took the red pill with its painful truth over the blue pill of blissfull ignorance.

Please help me start a truth and love sharing trend here on tsu so we share the currency of truth/love as much as money, what do you say?

Please comment, like and share to help truth and love live more in balance with death and lies than be dominated by them.  Thanks.

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