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Ferguson Freedom Fighters - "If you go calling on pictures of Chairman Mao, you aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow."

Here's the Beatles song "You say you want a revolution" as seen in the film, Across the Universe.

Here's who organized your Ferguson riots.

If you see that raised fist - its a Commie/Zionist scam folks.

Here's the problem with what comes out of Ferguson.

People think they are helping black people by excusing their actions.

They think, well, these people live in a ghetto and are ex-slaves so we should help them by letting them act like thugs and give them special privledges to get jobs and go to school while at the same time putting most of them in prison and using the cops to beat and kill them.

You know what I mean?

You can yell for peace all you want but is it helping?


Its increasing the police state isn't it?

You think tazers are the solution?


If you look at the aplogist thinking I showed a second ago it accepts segregation and in-equality as its premise for civil rights and civil wars.

This affects us all.

By supporting this Ferguson story you help your kidnappers.

Because what is really being communicated is that people can't take care of themselves or the earth so they must be eliminated, programmed, imprisoned so that peace on earth can happen.

What about the evidence that shows that Michael was acting like a thug stealing cigars and then walked down the middle of the street like a parade and then when the officer stopped him he kicks the door closed and fights for the cops gun?

Here's the video of Michael stealing cigars, getting confronted by someone who blocks the entrance.  Michael pushes him aside by the neck easily; then, as the person goes after him, he turns and casually threatens with his size and the person backs down.

Now, what the fuck is up with everyone rushing to Michael's defense and excusing this behavior?

None of these people who claim this that I have corresponded with online will respond to the evidence I submit other than to say they won't look at it and then accuse me of assuming things when that's what they are doing.

Like this whole video could be fake but this stuff happens all the time.  White folks get mistreated and murdered too.

Look at this dude

They are prejudiced to support black people at all costs and to bring white people down and this is white people talking.  They just don't get it.

I know all about the police state we live in - so don't tell me.
I know they are racist and the U.S. has the most prisoners in the world - most of which are black.

Don't think you're helping by supporting Michael's behavior.

That's crazy.

You can't beat crazy with crazy.

Now, here is an example of how this is being re-acted to by people in Ferguson.

What I get from watching this is that we see the typical.

This is just like when I lived in Seattle and they had a World Trade Organization peaceful protest back in '99.

Just like Occupy, Alex Jones and Anonymous - the good well meaning people with the truth get managed by an outside organizing force - the military industrial complex that they think they are protecting against.

Why just fight an opponent?
If you were to infiltrate your opponent then get them to do what you wanted without them knowing it then you really are a psycho controller.

So, that's how Zionism runs the world ala Ferguson and 9/11.

Yes, we should know that we are 10x more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

So, at the start of the Ferguson reaction video up above a brother asks correctly, "If we live on the freest place on earth, why do we have to be afraid to walk around?"

Well, the answer is that there are criminals at the top and bottom of society and we're all in that category.

Because its a crime to let Mother Earth be destroyed by Satan which we all support by choosing to identify with corporate government with just a Coke or watching the NFL letalone the justice system and the rest.

Our actions and distractions cause this.

Why blame the unseen hand when its yours and mine as well as their's?

The lady in the video is asked if it matters that we've got a video of Michael robbing the store.

She says it doesn't matter.

By the way, you can look that up on wikipedia as the DEFINITION of pre-ju-dice.

Choosing to not let info be considered.

Then she goes on to think she's won because with ill- logic one seeks winning more than to do so because one stands on the firm foundation of grammar, logic and rhetoric in order to discern truth.

She goes on to say the Prosecuting Attorney has been non-transparent in the investigation and grand jury trial of Officer Wilson.

Officer Wilson was acquitted of all charges by 3 BLACK PEOPLE and 6 WHITE of his PEERS in a GRAND JURY.

I guess those black people were racist according to what the typical idiot that buys this left wing bullshit they're selling on the msnbc and the npr.

This stuff is designed by like God to piss you off not just the government.

Because the people I'm dealing with get silly.  I'm totally against the police state but listen to Joe Rogan throw a fit that they shoot tear gas at people when these people start that by acting like gang bang thugs and destroying police cars.

Sounds like a perfect time to use tear gas - if there was no one there causing a tussle it'd be different.

Hell, you got Michael's Dad literally inciting a riot which is a hellofa federal offense and he didn't get arrested.

If I went into a theater and yelled fire and then said it was to help Michael Brown it'd make about as much sense.

Its bullshit.

Here's somebody that can think halfway straight in comparison to the confused nonsensical typicals.

The first video continues:

A Brother says it doesn't matter if Michael stole the cigars he didn't deserve to die.

Well, if he was attacking the cop in his car he would.

What is this Rambro?

Then dude with a Muslim Freemason Fez is asked if he thinks the looting is wrong and he says no.

No, its what brought the news he says so its his ticket to freedom we're treading on by his ill - logic.

C'mon dude.

The Jews bring the news and the blues clues.

and your Commie Muslim democratic prostitution pollution.

I'm a gold teeth thief.

For lack of knowledge they perish.

Guy says he understands that business people didn't want their buildings looted but they had to be by his friends.

This guy, I like and agree with - in the basketball tank.  We really do need to consider that we shouldn't have to live in fear that cops may shoot our kids.

Its really to that point in the biggest way now - people are so fearful and act like rent a cops tryin' to pull your card - you wish it was a cop, hell its your neighbor that pulls that bouncer attitude these days its gettin' more fearful than ever and has gotta stop, right?

Uh oh!  They found someone thinking half way straight.

When asked how she thought justice and peace could be achieved with this situation and she said the most important thing is for truth to come to light.

Not to be for or against Brown.

  I'm just calling em' as I see em' like a ref.

We've got Miss Comfortably Prejudice 2014 here saying we should've seen the bullet info along time ago.

Insinuating that if Michael is full of holes it proves the cop is out of line.

Depends on the situation Honey.

People just have these switches that get flipped and they don't want to mess with each moment on its own and all together so they take the easy way out and say fuck the pigs, fuck the nwords, fuck whitey, fuck the civilians, fuck it all and they throw a fit up at the day care.

Stefan mentions this diversion where CNN shows a construction worker in pink with his hands waving and how his statement agreed with the lady that took the cell video of dead Michael.

She said Michael was walking away from the cops with his hands up and was shot.

This other brother says he saw Michael facing Wilson doubled over about to go down when he says the officer shot

The Ferguson Verdict: Propaganda Decoded - Darren Wilson, Michael Brown and Racism
Stefan Molyneux

This is the same as the video above.

This grand jury went over alot of info to achieve their determination which is superior than ours because they have the most info.

They said there was not enough info to even have a trial.

Out of 162,000 time a grand jury has met they have indicted all but 11 times.

That shows how much more things were stacked against Wilson yet he was cleared.

The reason why it went to a grand jury was so the government wouldn't be blamed because its a jury of one's peers.

Some say Officer Wilson miraculously 'escaped' being indicted.


This shows that the evidence was OVERWHELMING that Officer Wilson was not guilty.

Obviously, if Michael was reaching for his gun he is no longer unarmed potentially.

Stefan mentions Michael's large size.

The verdict was that Officer Wilson acted within the law just like we would be able to if assaulted while armed.

If facts upset you then you have no place in public discourse Stefan says.

He suggests you not talk to people if you feel this way because one would be crazy to be against facts.

Who are these thugs leftists getting in the way of the grand jury of Michael's peers?

They are mislead by the media.

They think simply if they hear someone say something is ok that they can do it. They're like children.

They don't know they're psyco control freaks.

If you're not indicted, you're proven innocent in Stefan's opinion.

He mentions Obama sending Holder to fix racial profiling. Yeah right.

You're silly to think the same traitor Obummer is going to fix police brutality and the build up of swat crap and drone shit.

What are you thinking?

Still on the Hope Dope.

That's the whole basis of the justice system - pro Zionist.

No where in Presiden Obama's race-bating was a question about Michael's behavior. He's like the gangster Messiah flying with Tupac and Michael or something the way these idiots act that defend him.

Stefan talks about how Michael was not acting wisely when he violently allegedly robbed a convenient store or when he refused to get off the middle of the street and when he attacked the officer and went after his gun and turned to go after the officer whom he'd just assaulted.

He said he felt like a ragdoll in the hands of the Jolly Green Giant when Michael assaulted Officer Wilson.

Did Michael deserve to be shot over shoplifting is what some dummies ask.

This is not why he was shot. He tried to kill a cop.

I'm totally against all this and my goal is not to confront the police. If they attack me I intend to go peacefully but have it noted I do not consent.

Actions have consequences. The likelyhood that you will be successful trying to take a cop's gun is low.

This is why the cops go nuts because its nuts how much they intimidate us.

It shouldn't be that way.

We should be innocent until proven guilty.

However, they want us on the ground like cattle. They want us to accept being in a lower status when we are not and should not be for public safety.

We are to be naturally lawful.

Stefan says it is vile racism that the President didn't question Michael's actions at all.

If it was some white nut that had attacked a black cop we never would have heard about it because it doesn't fit the left's racist narrative.

They don't know they're Zionists - the Hollywood lovers.

Fires were set to the whole neighborhood and on cop cars and 150 shots were noted to have been fired by the looters.

Micahel Brown's Dad said 'Burn this bitch down!"

That's not good.

There was no mention of Michael's Dad for his terroristic act.

Stefan mentions how Michael's Mom and Stepdad assualted a cousin for selling tshirts making $1,400 with a lead pipe.

This store owner who was pushed by Michael had his place looted.

Why would he be blamed?

Stefan at this point kinda goes overboard and makes fun of the construction worker piece being based on a YouTube video.

He goes on to say reality doesn't work where you can make up your narrative about a youtube video then be taken seriously with anyone with half a brain.

This is not how it works when it comes to making decisions about evidence is not reality. That doesn't seem fair if the video and analysis were valid.

Stefan says if you tell Black people they are oppressed by white people from outside and nothing to do from within the black culture.

This brain washing has an affect on people.

This left narrative of the Communists from the 20's was to piss off the Black Americans to hate whitey cops in order to de-stabilize America just like they did around the world.

This constant racial division has a savage effect.

93% of blacks are killed by other blacks.

85% of whites are killed by other whites.

Black/White crime is not the problem.

Blaming this on whitey strips a community of its responsibility by giving them lower expectations which is extreme racism.

The problem isn't with minorities - the Asians are fine.

In 2010, Blacks 10 - 17 were 16% of the youth population.

Black males under 18 were 1.8% of the total population.

These youth were responsible for 54.3% of murders and non-negligent manslaugter, 34.3% of forceable rape, 71.4% of robberies, 43.4% of aggravated assault and 43.6% of motor vehicle theft.

1.8% of our population does all that.

Blacks are 12% of the population and commit 53% of the homicides.

A Black male born in '91 has a 29% chance of going to prison.

Nearly 1 in 3 Black men 20 - 29 are under some form of criminal justice supervision.

6% of the population are Black males but are 42% of murder victims.

Stefan says there is no evidence whatsoever that the police are racist.

Which seems a big overstep but...

Its black people that are calling the police on other black people so they would have to be the racist cause for people going to prison.

They're just committing more crimes and people want to blame that on white people.

That is devastating to the black community because they can't change under that false belief system.

Crime is worse since racism has gotten better since the 50's.

How could racism be worse?

Black people tend to speed more, they get busted for selling on the street vs. the home like whites do.

Look at the facts, Stefan urges.

You can't just use the word racist because whites would be racist against all non-whites but that's not true.

There was racism toward Asians in many forms like the coralling of all of them in camps during world war 2 but that doesn't affect today in the same way as with black people in general.

Until black crime goes down it will be hard for the cops to not be all over them.

Most black people don't want to become cops and you can't be one with a record.

Corporeal punishment needs to go.

People should marry the mother of their children.

Get a job.

Racist victimhood isn't a good defense just looking at all the white women raped by blacks.

This is just another Leftist lie they get ahold of and sell for their racist supremacist cause.

How about instead of looting and threatening life maybe you could research and find the injustice instead of be ready to riot if you don't get the outcome you want?

This is just another race game.

Don't believe the hype.

These problems can be solved with reason, facts and evidence.

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