Friday, December 19, 2014

Sony Hack attack - what is the outcome?

What is the outcome of the Sony hack story?

1. Because the leader of North Korea was threatened with assassination in a awful looking movie - we're taught that there is no need for threatening assassination to be illegal. What are they going to have a comedy about rectal torture at Gitmo?

There is no market of people asking for this film.

2. We are persuaded by the media that our government has the internet under control and/or its completely out of control and is a dangerous place = cognitive dissonance and lack of trust.

3. The BRIC nations which includes China will be totally off the U.S. petrol dollar by 2016 so when the prices of everything go up we will be more easily persuaded to go to war which is impossible because we have no money, are overextended in the military and have no steal or lead industry to make ammunition and we won't be able to buy it from China so the U.S. is being discarded by the central bankers that run all this.

4. No important information came out of the info release. Angelina Jolie was mentioned as being crazy according to the studio which is a way to attempt to silence her recent anti-government stance her and Brad Pitt have been sharing.

5. Sony wants to do away with net neutrality and the Fox News Republican brand is attempting to be used to get people to go for this two tier slowed down for poor folk internet to be part of the general way we will be kept in line by taking our internet away since we are addicted to it and its the last stand of free speech.

6. Sony and Hollywood get pushed to the front of the news despite their shrinking audience.
7. A cyberwar is perfect because its cheap and has physical damage where a movie psy op only damages the mind so combining the two in a very obvious manner suggests confidence to those who would oppose this form of subversive statecraft.

8. No FBI agent's name is given in the report about this and there is no evidence to support the claim in the report. This is a test to see how well the mind control of the people is working to see what they will swallow.

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