Friday, December 12, 2014

Kate of Gaia - Social Worker Arrested for kidnapping blog review

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A person that goes by +Wake Up! Productions  shared 3 youtube video links as a comment about this blog post.

They call into question Kate of Gaia because of perceived flaws in the fact that if there are other forms of ID like our dna or fingerprints that are connected to the legal name we were given this would make not using the legal name a poor way to get out of being identified.

Also, you'll see Kate of Gaia freak out and talk over a very calm caller using hurtful language in an overly defensive manner.  Just observing, not judging.  We could all be caught being a douchbag more so with all the recording equipment at our disposal so we should consider ways to deal with this environment.

Also, you'll hear a Mr. Steve Bates distance himself from what is called the "Freeman movement" saying it has been taken over either on purpose or not by new age regurgitators and anarchists of the variety that see crime as acceptable versus natural law anarchy like Mark Passio talks about that means we can only rule over ourselves and thus have to be responsible for what we do.

Here are those 3 shorter length videos:

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